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The 10-month pre-season dialogue has left little else to be said (save for performance narration).

1. The undulating flow hit a jazz current when it ventured into Louisiana.

2. Moving from the matte of the frame to the center of the artwork will be a pleasure.

3. At your feet, see the splendid baroque cupolas of the Imperial Palace, neo-Gothic City Hall, the round Giant Ferris Wheel, and the slim spires of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

4. With no abdication in mind, this will be prevalence supreme.

5. "This part of my life... this part right here; this is called ...."

6. How clear is the looking glass view, at one's self, and at what we once were?

7. It's the spins on his back

that make him look grim,

but he just loves to be tickled

under his chin

8. Lance Armstrong's dating who, today?

9. Passionately vying for primetime can be a primal urge.

10. What becomes a legend most?

11. To the hardest working joe day and night: "you are the one."

12. "Dave, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Dave. Will you stop, Dave."

13. The express train is running directly due north.

14. Undoubtedly this is not scheduled to end as did "The Sopranos."

15. Len Barry wrote it, John Lennon recorded it, and "Mr. Holland's Opus" adapted it; some triptych.

16. Planetary exploration on green terra firma.

17. Dictionary says: "The condition or state in which humans exist in a meaningless, irrational universe wherein people's lives have no purpose or meaning."

18. Cirque de Mouchard is traveling to North American cities all summer.

19. "I remember those cheers, they still ring in my ears."


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