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Souther Star Cup X

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Southern Star Cup X

Hosted by The Star Organization

Bright House Stadium (Campus of the University of Central Florida)



RESERVED (40 to 40) = $30 (a bargain at now...38 corps!!)




GE Music: Tim Echo

GE Visual: Monica Twirley

Music Ensemble: Mo Chopsman & Todd Gather (avg)

Music Percussion: Ken Stickler

Visual Ensemble: The infamous Lisa Love & Christine Handle (avg)

Performance Schedule

* - Schedule timed based on latest ranking as of 6/24 with exception of host corps.

9:00 - Gates Open

9:50 - National Anthem (Southern Star Senior & Florida Dragon Alumni Brigade)

10:00 - Exhibition - Florida Dragon Alumni Brigade

10:15 - Tarheels

10:30 - Shockwave

10:45 - Rangers Arrow

11:00 - Velocity

11:15 - Shade

11:30 - Tarheel Storm

11:45 - Infinity

12:00 - Blackhearts

12:15 - Cross

12:30 - Break (after D3 competition)

1:45 - Exhibition - Florida Dragon Cadets

2:00 - Carolina Sound

2:15 - Chipley Vanguard

2:30 - Blue Dynasty

2:45 - Silhouette

3:00 - The Challengers

3:15 - Authorized Cadets

3:30 - Magic of Mobile Cadets

3:45 - Avengers

4:00 - Winter Park Hurricanes

4:15 - Ghost Riders

4:30 - Break (after D2 competition)

6:00 - Exhibition - Florida Dragon Regiment

6:15 - Portal

6:30 - Inferno

6:45 - West Florida Kingsmen

7:00 - Bayou Brigade

7:15 - Magic of Mobile

7:30 - Corps Authorized

7:45 - Knights of Poseidon

8:00 - Baton Rouge Thunder

8:15 - Revelation

8:30 - Star of Carolina

8:45 - Shadow

9:00 - Crystal Coast Pirates

9:15 - The Black Saints

9:30 - Star of Jupiter

9:50 - Exhibition - Florida Dragon Battalion

10:10 - Retreat and Cup Presentations

** Dinner - Outback will be catering food for ALL corps during the show. There will be marked area for all corps members to have dinner.


These are the housing sites that have prearranged.

Practice fields will be available at all locations.

Avengers - Winter Park High School

Velocity - Glenridge Middle School

Challengers - University High School

Star of Jupiter/Cross - University of Central Florida

Shadow/Silhouette/Shade - Rollins College

Winter Park Hurricanes - Lake Howell High School

Magic of Mobile - Boone High School

Magic of Mobile Cadets - Oak Ridge High School

Revelation - Dr. Phillips High School

Knights of Poseidon - Cypress Creek High School

Blue Dynasty - Lake Brantley High School

Ranger's Arrow - Timber Creek High School

Bayou Brigade - Lake Mary High School

Corps Authorized - Freedom High School

Authorized Cadets - Edgewater High School

Crystal Coast Pirates - Valencia Community College (East Campus)

Baton Rouge Thunder - Olympia High School

Star of Carolina - Colonial High School

Black Saints - Lyman High School

Phoenix - Apopka High School

Ghost Riders - Bishop Moore High School

Blackhearts - Lake Highland Preparatory School

Tarheel Storm - Oviedo High School

Infinity - West Orange High School

*West Florida Kingsmen - Maynard Evans High School

*Chipley Vanguard - Ocoee High School

*Carolina Sound - Wekiva High School

*Tarheels - Orlando Lutheran Academy

*Shockwave - Seminole (Sanford) High School

*Inferno - University of Central Florida (Nike #101-Nike #102)

*Portal - University of Central Florida (Nike #103-#104)

* - added

Thanks to all the corps for their participation and especially the numerous volunteers making this event once again one of the best in DCPI.

Can't wait to see everyone. Safe travels to all!!

Edited by StarOrg

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Can't wait to be there

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A few late entries... 5 of them. That's why we start at 10AM. :angry:

Housing was booked for the 5 additional corps.

Performance Schedule has been updated so please check as your corps start time has most likely moved back later in the day.


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I tried sending you a PM about your uni... empty your inbox ;)

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Yep.... 2 more late entries.. show is now closed. 38 corps!!....which is largest ever.

Due to time restraints both corps will be housed on the UCF campus. We will make what fields available or parking lots.

D1 - Inferno

D1 - Portal


Performance schedule updated as well.

Edited by StarOrg

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Quick update.... 4:06 ... We are right on schedule and Winter Park Hurricanes are burning up the field here at Bright House Stadium. So far the weather is cooperating and we have dodged a few storms..just some sprinkles. Hope if holds for tonight D1 slate. Temperature on the field is around 97 so we've had plenty of water available. We had one casualty in the Blue Dynasty corps earlier this afternoon when a Bass drummer passed out. Other then that no incidents. Volunteer help from the University has been tremendous and I hear food from Outback well received. Amazed by the performance level this early in the season...with most corps with FULL shows. Thanks to Florida Dragon for some great exhibitions. Well running around like to go.. Ghost Riders coming up and need some special help with pit movement.

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Two of the SMO corps have already competed tonight. We feel really good about both Shade and Silhouette. They really stepped it up last night and I feel they did the same today. Both of the drumlines are doing extremely well. We've just got to raise the other parts up to the level that they're playing at. We're looking forward to see Shadow compete tonight as they jumped into 1st last night. Hopefully they'll open up that lead a bit, but not expecting anything. I think it will get even closer as the season goes. Good luck to everyone tonight!

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Hey guys I will be covering Division II/III for the DCPI Times at this show. Anyone care to help with an interview?

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Whew, hectic 2nd night for us. The Star Organization has done an amazing job here, and I'd like to thank them and UCF for accommodating our late entry as they have. Inferno looked great out there tonight, I can't wait to get the scores back. Who are we watching right now? Corps Authorized? Their drumline is HOT tonight. We'll see how it all shakes out later....

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Though the FDO is only doing exhibition performances this season in a couple of venues, the kids are still doing amazing shows. All of the corps here have done a spectacular job so far and we wish them the best of luck in tonights competition!



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