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Your personal Favorite Corps

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My personal favorite corps probably change from year to year, but I must say since 1975 and always, it will be the Crossmen. My very first DCI finals show was in 1974 in Ithica and my favorite DCI corp was the Madison Scouts (Oh and I liked them in 1975 in philly). Over the past few years one of my favorite corps was and is the Carolina Crown. They are very entertaining, but I will miss seeing Evan on the podium next year. (Congratulations on your age-out year). It was fun in the 70's to tour with the Spirit of Atlanta and I made a lot of friends when we were heading to California. Another choice, who are no longer active are the Hawthorne Muchacho's, boy where they fun to watch in the 70's.

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The Cadets


-plays the most notes out of any hornline while on the move

-no drumline moves and plays as much as they do (see drumbreak 2007)

-no guard spins and runs as much as they do

-consistently moves faster than any other drum corps, year after year

-most challenging endings i've ever seen

-amazing work ethic, seeing those kids rehearse is pretty insane

-jay bocook

-incredibly out there and different shows

-members are ALWAYS a class act

-vintage uniform with french plumes

i love their show year after year.

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Cadets- Work Ethic

Cavaliers- Forever they were one of my favorites (except 05) Now they are my restroom corps.

Vanguard- I always wanted to march with SCV but lived too far away.

Blue Knights- Nobody looks like BK nobody marches a show like that. I love the fact that they are so different.






Academie Musicale- They were Star 93 before Star.




Suncoast Sound


North Star (mass)



North Star



Blue Devils

27th Lancers


Seneca Optimist

Oakland Crusaders

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1. Glassmen

2. Scouts

3. Pioneer

4. Vanguard

5. Boston

Favorite Dead Drum Corps: Suncoast Sound

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My Top 10 favorites were/are...

1 Freelancers....DUH!!

2 Troopers

3 Santa Clara Vanguard

4 Velvet Knights (though I would never admit that when I marched)

5 Marauders

6 Star of Indiana

7 Mandarins

8 Madison Scouts

9 The Garfield Cadets, The Cadets of Bergen County and The Cadets... In that order.

10 Seattle Cascades

It's funny, we marched the exact same years, only different corps......

My fav's

Marauders Duh..... marched there

Freelancers Chad Humolt was a great DM




Devils baby

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  1. Bluecoats - I first heard them in 2004 and have loved them ever since. I love their brass sound, even if their brass line isn't the best in DCI. Not to mention, their shows are just fun and crowd pleasing. Hope to be part of the 2009 installment.
  2. Phantom Regiment - Shows like '89, '91, '93, and '96 helped get me into drum corps. I have always loved their brass and the music they play. I've played music from the '93 show in high school (we even attempted the crab stepping, but was taken out since most of the band couldn't get it. :lookaround:) , which is my favorite Phantom show ever.
  3. Madison Scouts - My favorite corps pre-2004 when I discovered Bluecoats. I didn't really enjoy their 2006 and 2007 shows, but 2008 redeemed Madison for me. That show reminded me of old Madison that I grew up on.
  4. Southwind - I marched here, we didn't place as high as we would have liked but it was the greatest summer I've ever had. Hope to see the Yellow Team back in 2009!

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