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Things you would like Corps to change for next year...

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How kind of some folks to think of me!

Unless something drastic happens in the near future, I'm pursuing some other things in life at this time.

I've been blessed to work with some of the finest folks in the activity in my time. . . so I won't say "never again". . . but at this time nothing on the horizon.

Good health and happiness to all!


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I wouldn't mind going back to the uniform of the bugle B days, maybe only because i hate it when a new DCI fan tells us "have a good show BD." when we are on our way to the gate.

I think it would be awesome for Crown to do a darker themed show and play in something other than a form of Bb.

Phantom, you guys had the best produced show I think I've ever seen. You performed it with AMAZING clarity and emotion. Black uniforms???

Cadets, lets hear that amazing hornline :thumbup: Oh and I got the chance to watch We are the Future last night, can we have something more along those lines?

Madison: keep working at it!

I thought the Troop uniform sketch looked pretty awesome honestly. But I certainly see why others wouldn't like it.

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That was last year, if not 2005 as well (edited to add that I'm fuzzy on what years he was with Troop). This year was Dean Westman, though.

'05 yes. Not '07.

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Cadets- please please please make this Bernstein program like your past ones.

That will absolutely not happen. 190% Guarantee that it won't be like before.

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Blue Devils - keep drop-sash

Cadets - chill with the narration

Cavaliers - more horn book

Boston Crusaders - possibly a uniform upgrade, otherwise just don't go back to your previous shows

Madison Scouts - NOTHING!!!!! (this especially applies to uniforms)

Pacific Crest - back to white pants

Colts - better show concept

Academy - same as Colts

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I would like to see that people who start making long lists of every corps to do ALL of the world class corps instead of JUST the top 12. there are a lot more corps out there. Its upsetting when people ONLY focus on those who make finals at the end of the season, what about those other 8 corps who worked just as hard as any other corps out there. Too bad the only thing that seems to matter to people these days is those who make finals at the very end of the season. Sad. So many other corps going unappreciated.

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1) Cadets - Shut up. Really, we're not kidding about how annoying this is. It's getting on everyone's nerves, even those that are still sort of rooting for you to be on top again. You become bad arse again when you get back to your roots and still walk on everyone without the gimmick. (See PR '08)

2) Regiment - Please, please ditch the Dynasty drums. Yes, you are awesome, yes they sounded better than any Dynasty drums I've ever heard...but the Pearls sounded better. You have won, the contract can't be that much better now. Go back home - become the Midnight Special in black Pearl drums again and whip some more arse.

3) SCV - Hire Beddis. Get the drum vibe back. Something!

4) BD - Quit monkey drumming. Your same old high school antics get old. Play something the normal (and paying $$$) folks will leave the show humming and you will win again, I promise you. Time for a staff shake-up.

Good luck!

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BD-More notes and more marching

Phanton- A better trained pit crew


Crown- The wisdom and experience to get even better

Cadets- Happy 75th! Enough Said! get it.

Bluecoats- A real good show concept

Vanguard- A good cleaner

Blue Stars- Wow Good job, maybe a show with a little more of an edge

Blue Knights- I love your concept. Just more Drum Corps moments in your shows. And more volunteers

Boston- Clean CLEAN clEAN

Glassmen- A more mature show

Madison Scouts- Welcome back! better guard, keep moving up!

Crossmen- more content in your show! I was pulling for you this year.

Colts- You were almost there. Keep pushing.

Spirit- Better show

Troopers- More guard members

Pacific Crest- Honest scores comming out of Cali to better monitor your progress going into National competition.

Academy- Get your staff on the same page and put together a show worthy of the talent in your corps.

Mandarins- More members

Pioneer- Less Celtic

DCI- Look at your ticket prices your driving people away! evaluate your judges. No synth music

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