All time favorite "Drum Corps Moment".

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I want to say hello to Charlie, who first taught my daughter to march. Thank you old friend.

And thanks to Puppet for the nice comments. There is no end to great stuff to see, say and love.

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I have a new favorite drum corps moment. I have NEVER cried during a drum corps performance until Saturday 12/11/2010 when I and about 70 of my dearest friends played and then sang Ave Maria for our f

Well fellas, I have been trying to pick out a few memories - this is my 65th year of involvement in and love for this fabulous activity. I am sure I have forgotten a good deal of them, but some linge

I have had quite a few awesome moments in drum corps....believe me....but this past week I had a one that will stand out in my life. I finally met George B. formerly of the 27th Lancers. I know, huh.


Although I wasn't involved in 93 when Glassmen made finals, but probably one of the all time favorite "drum corps moments" for those kids.

For me personally, it would be that moment after I finished playing the last note of my last show and that chill that went up my back.

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I finally met George B. formerly of the 27th Lancers. I know, huh. His daughter, who it was also a pleasure to meet, works with the Santa Clara Vanguard organization and I was volunteering.

What an Honor :tongue::smile::smile:

Oh I also met Vic Firth...that was cool too.

I marched with Denise Bonfiglio "Back-In-The-Day." She was then and is now a very special person. -Bill-
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I was wondering if I’d see a “Once More in 94” listed and planned on adding it if I didn’t. I was thrilled DCI finally came to Boston, and while the finals were great, Foxboro Stadium really came alive as soon as 27th could be seen approaching the field. It was a great night and that exhibition made it more memorable. I’d be willing to bet there has never been as great an ovation in drum corps history as for 27th that night.

Standing on the field at the conclusion of our performance with the 27th Lancer Alumni Corps, which was fourteen years ago tonight, 8/20/94!

The crowd was so loud, it started a banging head-ache! It made us all truly feel like "Rock Stars"!

Afterwards, I remember addressing the corps in the parking lot and telling them that we needed to keep on schedule. All I said was; "Lights Are Out at 10 AM". We can all assume what happened next.....

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As a fan, the 1976 DCI Finals end of show performance by the Bridgemen when the entire corps "fainted".... it so conveyed the way the audience was feeling from all the excitement and intensity of that show.

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Junior Corps:  1965 World Open Prelims, 1966 World Open Finals.  St Raphaels Buccaneers.

Senior Corps:  1991 DCA Finals.  Hawthorne Caballeros.

Alumni Corps:  1995 Caballeros Alumni Corps, first performance at 199.  We have arrived.


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