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"Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the 2008 DCA World Championship competition" - Tom Peashey's words as he opens tonite's show from Rochester NY. Its a beautiful evening for drum corps and we're here to bring you to the play-by-play descriptions and video clips from each corps' performance tonight.

Tonite's video clips are being produced with the permission of Drum Corps Associates and BVP Marching Videos ... and the support of our friends at Dynasty. Please let these fine organizations know how much you appreciate their support of our coverage.

If you enjoy the clips we're providing - you're going to LOVE the full 2008 DCA World Championship videos, which will be available on DVD from BVP. Watch here on DCP for more information on ordering.

I'm going to let our great team begin their coverage now ... Kevin Gamin, Danielle Potts, Charlie Groh, Jeff DeMello, and our guest commentators.

Here we go ..........



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While the first corps steps off at 5:30 (SoCal Dream), we've already had the Syracuse Brigadiers Alumni perform the national anthems of Canada and the United States, as well as Grand Old Flag and Ecstasy of Gold. One of the soprano players was a current Brigadier in uniform. Now we're announcing the DCA championship committee and staff members involved with this weekend's festivities. Special mention also went to Fran and Barb Haring who could not be here this weekend. Get well, Barb, and we'll be watching for you in 2009!

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Here is the order of performance for tonight, starting with the Class A corps:

SoCal Dream

Chops, Inc

Fusion Core








Minnesota Brass


Empire Statesmen


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Good luck to all participants, adjudicators, announcers, bloggers, vendors and fans!!!!

if I left you out...YOU TOO!!!

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Also, Star United, the 2008 DCA Mini-Corps champion, will perform in exhibition after the final competitive performance of the night (Buccaneers).

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We're getting close to step-off, and, with that, SoCal Dream has entered the stadium.

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A bit of housekeeping - before we get fully underway.

No part of DCP's content, including all text, images, and any audio/visual media content, may be copied or reproduced in any form without the express written consent of DCP Partners, LLC.

We'll return you now to your program - already in progress .

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The 2008 SoCal Dream's program is entitled "We Will Rock You" and consists of:

The Show Must Go On

Death On Two Legs

Somebody To Love

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Who Wants To Live Forever

Don't Stop Me Now

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Hi everyone,

I am enjoying the breeze from the lovely hi-tech window opening we acquired this year in the press box as SoCal enters the field. It is going to be a great night as it is in the mid 70s, and once again featuring clear blue skies. Hope you enjoy the coverage of the show!

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Can't do anything about it now, and BEST OF LUCK to all the competition tonight, it sure will be a great contest!! But I sure wish my friends in MCL, and Kilties were in tonight... great shows!!

BUT... let's move forward!! Good luck to all my friends out there tonight!!

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