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IYM mouthpiece

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Do any current DCP users have experience on the current crop of IYM mouthpieces? I'm considering using one for tuba. Currently playing on a LOUD LM-7, which is nice for low register.

I just tried one of their tuba mouthpieces on our Yamaha contras this last week. I was not a huge fan. It does put out a great round sound, deep tone, and a huge low end. Also flattened out the extreme upper register, which can be good or bad depending on your individual tendencies. But it really stuffs up articulations, at least in my limited experience. I did not have a chance to plug it into my concert horn to see if that changed anything. But at $190, i think the Loud is a better value. (Full disclosure: i have played a Loud LM7 for 8ish years now, take that bias as you will.) Just my 2 cents!

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