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Hosting a corps this summer!

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Awesome! Thanks for the advice so far everyone. I hope people keep replying here and maybe this can serve as a small guide for others that are new to hosting a corps. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to post and giving me some good tips. I will start mapping out the best routes/locations for any groceries or supplies they may need, how long it takes to get there, etc. Unfortunately, we are a small AA high school in WV and there aren't a lot of things near it. We have a few Walmarts that aren't too far away but it would still take about 15-30 minutes to get there depending on traffic. I would even go there myself to pick up what they need to maybe make it a little easier on them so they aren't spending all of their time doing the little things. But as you said, I will try to remain as transparent yet helpful as possible. I will also check with the band director and school officials as soon as possible (as soon as I know which corps, when they will be arriving, how long they are staying, etc) to make sure they are aware of what is going on and give them a heads up on what to expect. Unfortunately there was a situation a few years ago where a corps showed up to a different local high school only to find no school officials waiting for them and the place locked up tight. Me and the other drum line instructor will probably personally sit down with drum line and explain to them to not be idiots like they usually are and set the rules if they wanna come watch rehearsals and explain to them that if they do not follow the rules then *WE* will ask them to leave.

Anyways, thanks again everyone and I look forward to hopefully keeping everyone updated as to who we will host and how everything goes. Maybe a small running blog type thing with news as I get it. Take care!!!!

As a cooktruck volunteer a real big help is having someone who knows the area and has a big vehicle or van who can do a grocery store run & etc for us this does save us time and is so appreciated. We do get looks buying 24 gallons of milk 30 loaves of bread 18 doz eggs you get the picture, hot showers are wonderful and even a place for the kids to eat inside at tables and chairs is a treat sometimes.

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