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I feel for them in a way......old fans worship 84, as they should. and even 94. So you have that dillemma.....keep it fresh, but yet the music basically dictates some things have to be as they were before. Like i said...there are moments where i close my eyes and i hear 84. There's some cool twists in places to freshen things up. Honestly, if they dont throw in a Z Pull I'd be so dissapointed.

I hear where you are coming from Jeff, but remember, some people will whine and moan no matter what.

Some of us would love to see the Z-pull, others would complain about them "stealing" it.

2003 was the proof of that. playing nothing but "rehash" tunes and people still found a way to cadets bash.

Very few (if any) are going to change thier mind about the cadets this year no matter what they do. They could pull out the Drill charts and sheet music and exact instruments and uniforms from 84 and you would still have an army of whiners out to get them.

PErsonally, i wont be fully happy until they do "purple rain" by prince. thats just me though.


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And if it was any corps other than the Cadets, you' probably wouldn't think twice about the review. Let's face it Dan your pro-Cadet bias is so bad you can't stand when anyone says anything less than

Moving on.... so Adam, what'd you think of the show?

And I agree, Fuddrucker's is clearly a box above Five Guys :tongue:

Neither one can cut the lettuce compared to In n' Out....

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Neither one can cut the lettuce compared to In n' Out....


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and speaking of burgers, my ### just got made one because I left out 1990, which, i did on purpose, since it wasn't an all WSS show.

so to the person who sent me the "loving" email asking for a shout out for 1990, you were great that year too for the PARTS of WSS you did

( oh he'll kill me now...Surf's up dude! :tongue: )

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