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A lot of people in the DCI community thought a lot of things with scoring were really FUBAR, but that doesn't mean that its BD's fault. They just did their thing all summer and won, thats all. Crown couldn't clean their visual program or color guard, so they finished second. Cadets drumline fell all over each other and crapped the bed so they finished third. Cavies beating Vanguard? I don't think so. There were a lot of head scratchers on Finals night, but that doesn't mean you have to show your "Cadets class" and boo a corps or a score. Thats ridiculous. The judges are crazy and they have their favorites long before finals week. BD was cleaner all year long, and when the corps got together in San Antonio that was very apparent. While I don't agree with their final score, they had as much to do with that as you or I did, so chill out and get a little perspective.

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I have no problem with BD, or any other corps, getting proper credit if they are technically clean, but there is no way they should be getting such high marks in the opinionated captions and subcaptions. Their drill design is subpar in comparision with the rest of the top tier and has been for DECADES. As a "visual guy", I found the bright white chairs to be visually distracting vs. the darkly clad corps proper, especially from up high when they were dosey-doeing around them. Spending too much time playing on and posing on the and around the chairs lowers their demand, anyone can play clean sitting down. I found the music, which contained some familiar tunes, to be disappointing. I found the arrangements of those familiar tunes to be rather blah. Didn't do it for me GE wise. Bottom-line, most people disagree they were overscored for what the product was. It may have been clean (easy shows usually are), but it is probably the most forgettable championship show ever. Too bad, I know those kids pored their hearts and souls into it, but in the eyes of many, were given an inferior product. I wouldn't have scored them above 3rd.

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Thanks for the reviews - I almost felt like I was there.

I agree with all your opinions - bring it on Borgs!

IMHO anyone of the top 5 corps could have won , what I have a problem with is so many perfect caption scores. The winning program was very good , but not one of the all time greats ( IMHO ). The margin of victory is what I disagree with.

I should have seen it coming ( Thurs night at Cinema ) when the gaga announcer trio fell all over themselves with love for tables and chairs ( aargh )! Then it got worse as they tried to paint drumcorps as an indoor activity , with music written for what sounded like a sound deafening chamber ( get rid of the stupid midfield visual wrecking helmet please )!

Someone had a post does WGI influence DCI - I think that has been answered in full - even worse than the perfect scores given ( IMHO ) was the Vince McMahon style smackdown put on Phantom Regiment by the otherwise gaga adjudicary visual folks - that will teach PR for not fielding a WGI unit in 2009!

Once again my favorite song of the year came from The Colts - "Ebb Tide".

Favorite visual the frenetic marchers The Cadets.

Favorite music Santa Clara Vanguard

Best Guard The Blue Devils

Best DM Blue Stars

Still a good year IMHO - congrats to Concord. :rock:

Did any other theaters beside Rockaway , NJ seem to have better volume after intermission - or was it just a case of someone getting to the theater manager for more Loud?

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Saaayyyyysss you two :rock:

I can guarantee you, being there in Indy, that Bob is not in the minority.

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Less bias, more content!

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The folks with whom you disagree have YEARS of training and experience. They had the best vantage point Saturday night. Please tell us what gives your conclusions more weight than theirs.

Of course, you're entitled to your opinions, as are all, but when they're so disjointed and based upon whatever it was YOU wanted rather than years of study, you don't bring anything intelligent to the table.

btw: Name me anything "state of the art" #2 #3 or #5 attempted.

To all of you who think the DCI judges are "out to get your corps," exactly what is in it for them? Bribery? Power? Some other evil significance? If that's what they seek, it's easier to achieve in Congress.

You are entitled to your opinion, as I am, about the results of the show, but I do have to respond to some of the extremely inaccurate assumptions that you have made in your statements...........

agreed that nothing anybody did was state of the art, and thus not 99 worthy, but I can certainly tell you that "#2,4, and 5" were significantly better musically than the "champion".............

You refer to "years of study" for the judges......1st of all, I've been involved in the activity for over 32 years, have a masters degree in musical performance and a bachelors in music ed.....I marched for 2 years in a finalist and taught and arranged for two DCI corps....6 years for one and 2 years for another..... both finalists, winning two championships during that time. I'm a published arranger and judge elsewhere , and a clinician. I think I can say safely that I can talk intelligently about the product. You refer to the term "my corps" and "what I want".......I was never affiliated with the corps that I, and many others, felt should have won the show........... if my opinions of things are "so disjointed", I will leave you with this........a few years ago, in Madison, there were some highly questionable results happening in the musical captions. I was sitting with some musical people who are now in the DCI hall of fame......the one individual stood up, scratched his head, and said "I don't get it".............he was responded to by a very well-noted person who I will leave nameless, who replied, "the system is broken, isn't it"..............nothing could reflect it better................


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Less bias? What does bias have to do with it?

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Aweseome! My favorite corp did not win, so let me bash the winners review.

Haha....he's certainly entitled to his opinion. But the fact of the matter is the Blue Devils were undefeated this year , and by Finals, not only did they win, they won convincingly. The score was not that close as they dominated with this victory margin. And the BD's performed before all combinations of judging panels throughout the year. It didn't matter what combinations of panels used, they won, and they won with any and all of the collective panels utilized. The Blue Devils flat out dominated this year. The poster also looks at this thru a musical, not a visual prism. He's on record as stating he believes in an overhaul of the judging system to assign more points to the musical. That's his bias. He thinks the BD should have come in 3rd. Yet the Cadets had a drummer fall down, and by all accounts, their execution in the percussion line was off after this. And BD's Guard is superb. He also thought Phantom should have placed higher, but their visual program and guard were not as strong as the Corps that beat Phantom. Again, he is looking at this through his musical lens. Which is fine.

But look, he's entitled to HIS opinion here without rancor, nor hostility. I think it's cool that he took the time to tell us what he thought, and I commend him for taking the time to let us know his personal take on the show and the Corps.

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