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Most important stadium feature for DCI championships

What's your top priority?  

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  1. 1. Among these two choices, do you prefer that DCI championships are in a stadium that is:

    • Open outdoors for natural drum corps sound, even at the risk of a rainout or miserably hot weather.
    • Enclosed indoors with air conditioning and a roof that can be closed when it rains, even if the sound will not be as good as it would be outdoors.
  2. 2. Which of the following is most important to you in deciding whether to attend DCI championships?

    • Outdoors
    • Indoors
    • Great seats at a fair price
    • Located near where you live
    • Cheaply-priced beer

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I prefer the stadium to have a football field with freshly (and accurately) painted yard lines and hash marks.

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Well, go somewhere where it is outdoors but, I personally think the top of the southeast midwest is a good area because weatehr is somewhatmore predictable, and it gets it out of the nothern and northeast areas

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is this from a performers point of view, or fan?

as a performer, i experienced some bigger outdoor professional stadiums had more echo on the field than LOS.

and a performer might have a different opinion on miserably hot weather and what not

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Outside....where you can actually hear things nearly crystal clear, please. As far as the "weather".....there ARE places in the US where this would rarely be a concern in August or any other month, for that matter (California....ahhemmm). Yes....I know there were complaints about the Rose Bowl.......but that really wasn't so bad IMO (I'd much rather have aged out in the RB vs. Jackson MS!)....and just exactly how well do you really want to know Indianapolis? It's not a bad place....but EVERY year? In an indoor stadium?

After my slam on Jackson....I'll qualify that just a bit - I'm pleased to have ended (even with the rain and heat) my DCI career in Jackson vs. performing in an indoor stadium like LOS

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