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(All in good fun) My prediction

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I didn't start out as a KID in DCA but I'm guessing a lot of you that started out in a DCA corps, probably wanted to get some experience before you went to a DCI corps. If you didn't go on to a DCI, great, DCA is a fun place to start and stay.

One reason the kids in Alliance are probably doing it is because they can't all afford to go to a DCI corps. Good for them!! Starting where they can get some experience and see what drum corps is all about before they pay big dues in DCI. I know they've all enjoyed this season and look forward to Championships.

I'm not going to predict where they will place at Championships this coming weekend, I've never been that great at it and of course as someone said there's the "Paying their dues" thing which I think is a bunch of B.S. The corps is going to go up to Rochester and do the best they can and entertain all of you. If you don't like the show, so be it, I can guarantee they will turn some heads, but they and every other corps in DCA have worked their ##### off to show you what they can do.

Show every corps your appreciation at Championships, whether you like their show or not. I wish I could be there but I'll let my little emoticon show my appreciation.


Good Luck to everyone!!!

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During the regular season Rich, or at Prelims and Finals. If regular season, yes that has happened several times.

Doug Smith

Thank you for clarifying, and excuse me for not being clearer: I mean at DCA Championship Semis/Finals.

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Thank you for clarifying, and excuse me for not being clearer: I mean at DCA Championship Semis/Finals.

In semis, a declared Class A has beaten an Open Class corps every year since 2004. Although I do believe that often times those Open Class corps have been under the 65 person max for Class A, but have not declared.

In Finals, it has not happened.

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These two statements bother me... and not because they are un-true. I hear this statement a lot and I do not understand it. "Paying dues" should not be an issue for corps if they are simply performing at a higher level than their competition. I will agree that some judges give experienced groups the benefit of the doubt for less than stellar runs. I think that Alliance has proven themselves this season, and should be rewarded accordingly.

Side note - demand should be a factor, and I still think judges take it into consideration. Otherwise, someone could come out and play "Marry had a Little Lamb" and score a higher score than someone attempting Beethoven's "Eroica Symphony." When two groups are achieving the same level, the group with the higher demand should win... it is simple. No politics involved.

I am choosing to believe that the judges of DCA will call it right when Prelims roles around.

Also, I have seen the Bushwackers, Empire, the Hurcs, and Renegades. With that being said, I think Alliance has more visual demand (and music in some cases than all of these groups). These groups each have challenging shows, and I am not saying that Alliance executes better than all of them, but it is what it is.

Also again - why does someone have to be a former marcher, friend or family member of a marcher to be supportive of think they will do well? Clearly there are several people on this forum that are not associated with the group (including myself) that believe they have a great shot.

BTW, I would personally LOVE to have demand back on the sheets.

It bothers me as well to say that they need to "cut their teeth" or "pay their dues" but it is that way. No one in DCA can deny it. Specifically speaking, the corps I used to march for should have scored higher and placed higher many times when they were Open Class. Do you think the judges were brave enough to put the team from Canada above corps that have been in DCA for years and years? Of course not!

The circuit just won't allow a new corps to come in and clean house anymore. The last time it happened was with Bush, but I guarantee it won't happen again.

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Just to be sure I hope nobody was taking what I said as a bash on the kids. I am Glad that they (Alliance ) are here and STRIVING TO BE THE BEST like the rest is what I did say. So I hope that is understood. I was making notice that there are other corps Jazz running and moving at Fast Tempos. Which everyone will see this weekend. Also that most of the corps have plenty of younger members. To the fact that I think they are out numbering the "older" members now. Again I am sure everyone will see that this weekend. As a matter of fact the one video on you tube of Alliance I thought was pretty cool with the Robotic Terminator type visual they had. Hope that clears that up.. :)

(Insert Jeff's I love the Tuesday Before Finals here).

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This is DCA!!! An exhibition corps beat a competitive corps at DCA 2003 finals and the score was announced, when it wasn't supposed to be.

...but yes, I do believe this has happened.

Thats correct. Hurricanes just missed finals. They were a judged exhibition and got a higher score then the 10th place corps

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Having seen Alliance's program and membership, I can assure you that what they are doing is a step beyond Hurcs, Cabs, Empire, etc. when it comes to sustained velocity and youth.

But it is correct that these are merely continuations of trends that have been evident in DCA for a long time.

Where Alliance is really breaking ground is in bringing indoor programming and design concepts to the field. While most of DCA is still looking at DCI for inspiration and ideas, they're looking to where those junior corps go for ideas. Their design from the conceptual level down to the nuts and bolts of drill design and staging is straight out of WGI.

Their program is interesting, exciting and a breath of fresh air. I'd suggest people actually watch the show before deciding that they're not bringing anything new to the table.

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