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I spent all my 'jr' years in a DCA corps... Loved every minute of it. Might never have gone on tour, but spent 9 seasons making history!

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Marched Guelph Royalaires 1974 drumline(broke my wrist halfway through season) and Niagara Militaires Alumni 2006-2007 Drum Inst. /2008 to present Drum Inst-Corps Director

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This is kind of a follow-up to Kyle's thread in the DCI section. How many of you marched DCA without ever marching in DCI? I missed my window to march in junior corps. Now, as an adult looking around for activities and organizations to be a part of, I can't help but think joining a senior corps would be a perfect way to stay busy, play some trumpet, and meet people who share a passion of mine. It'd be nice if there was one in my area, so I could check them out.

How common is it for someone to march DCA without marching DCI first? Would I meet many others like me, or are most people veterans of junior corps?

"]Drum Corps is, as you probably know, very costly. This is as far as both Money and Time. An entire summer plus wintertime; thats a lot a lot a lot to commit to. DCA is a window that can be taken for drum corps fans everywhere who may not have the ability to afford a summer with corps. My answer is yes; There are many other people like you. Furthermore You'll find some of the best talented people who couldn't afford Junior corps also in DCA.[/size]

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I only marched DCA and I enjoy every minute of it! I think many people of age to march DCI march DCA first to get some Drum Corps experience before going to DCI. THis would have been my age out year and I wish I marched DCI but I know I never would have had the money to do so. DCA has less cost and you can hold a job all summer which is always important!

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