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Word on the street is possible sellout crowd for tonight. Wouldn't surprise me, since last year in Windsor sold out too.

How many does that stadium hold?

Wes P

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I shall be watching in the lot tonight! No tickets, but hey, the outside is fun too!

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Is it really sold out?

I don't think its sold out yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up sold out before the night is out. It's only a high school stadium.

My suggestion? Go. If it is sold out, watch the lot and head down to Invesco tomorrow night.

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welp, so much for buying a cheapie ticket at the gate!

No such thing as a "cheapie" ticket at this show. I seem to remember the cheapest tickets were more expensive than DatR cheap tickets, which is why I'm a lot lizard tonight (I like that term).

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