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ya know what. whoever "lownotes" is Dosent really bother me and i dont Care what he/she thinks about my corps. Yesterday was a very exciting and memorable day. i dont care how bad i did, i dont Care how bad the Rest of the corps did, it was my first drum corps show ever and thats something i will always remember. i personaly had a great show and loved every part of it. i was just as confident with my show yesterday as i was with my run throughs. maybe that dosent say much but i was happy with myself. thank you renegades staff for the great show you gave us ( in other words thanks for the heart attacks after every run) and thanks to the guys and gals in black that make me feal like part of another family away from home.

(oh and thank you BD snareline for splitting 32's with one hand)

subway.....eat fresh

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Yesterday was a memorable day for myself as a Renegade and a father. Not only did I get to perform the most difficult and intense show of my drum corps career, but I also got to watch my son perform in his very first Drum Corps show. Renegade Doug Peterson and I both have sons in the Blue Devils C corps horn line. Nothing could have been a more touching fathers day present than to see your boy march his first show.

Now to address the issue...

Stones will be cast, insults hurled, names called… but at the end of the day, Drum Corps continues on with or without these negative people. Renegades are doing something about the future of the art form, not knocking it down as some choose to do. You can love us or you can hate us. You can pick apart our show or you can marvel at its genius. You have a million options to choose regarding your feelings about the Renegades. The only thing you can’t do is stop us….

Mike Andrews

Renegades Soprano and BDC Dad


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:feednotroll: :huh:

I for one love Lee's writing - it wouldn't be Renegades if it weren't that style.

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I for one love Lee's writing - it wouldn't be Renegades if it weren't that style.

Lee's writing is very good. He has deep insights into drum corps issues, and he writes with a unique style. Having said that I consider Mom (Dennis Mancini ) to be the best writer on DCP.

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