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Conquistadors Receive Equipment Donations

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The Conquistadors Drum & Bugle Corps is excited to announce the addition of a contrabass to our inventory. The horn was donated by a very generous person who has asked to remain nameless.

When we asked about the history of the contra we were given a full story of it's travels. The horn started with the Caballeros Drum and Bugle Corps before moving on to the Caballeros Alumni. It was then given to our donor who in turn lent it to the Pittsfield Red Knights before donating it to the Conquistadors.

Corps director Harry Eldridge, Jr. had this to say:

"When I received word of this donation I was really caught off guard. We aren't talking a couple bucks or a set of flags or something. Not that those aren't important to us as well but a contrabass is one of the largest investments as far as equipment goes. I was informed that it is a 2 valve contra but as me and our donor discussed, 2 valves is something we can work around whereas not having equipment is a much more serious problem. The stipulation to this donation was that when we are no longer in need of the horn, it is to be passed on to the next group that is looking for help. I intend to keep my word and continue the chain of generosity."

In addition to the contrabass, the corps has also secured a set of marching percussion on loan from the Owego Free Academy music department in Owego, NY. The drums will help us to do parades so that we may earn money to purchase out own equipment.

For a photo of the horn you can visit our Facebook page,

For more information on our programs, visit our website at

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Congrats Harry and the Conquistadors.

Cabs Alumni donated a contra to an ensemble we put together up in Albany a couple of years ago. It was greatly appreciated. They are very generous and helpful.

Good luck with the horn and the corps! See you over the summer (or maybe during Christmas if I see you in downtown Owego) :lol:

Enjoy the holidays. Say hi to your family for me.


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