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This FAQ is based on information created by, and is a good introduction on the "how-to" of sponsoring a marching member.

Sponsorship FAQ

Is a contribution deductible? - This depends largely on how the donation is accounted-for by the organization. It is recommended that you check with the organization's Executive Director or Treasurer to see if a tax receipt for your donation will be provided, indicating the you have not received goods or services in exchange for your contribution. As always, be sure to check with your tax advisor to be certain if the contribution can be deducted.

What safeguards are there for sponsors? - You should always check out the member with the corps administration. They'll tell you if the person really is in financial need and whether they do have a spot in the corps. They can also confirm facts from the member (such as the amount needed) and may give you some guidance in making your contribution. For members auditioning for a new corps, checking with their past corps is also helpful to ensure there is no money due left behind.

The member requested I send the check to them rather than the corps. Is this normal? - In my experience this is one way to handle the contribution. The member wants to be sure the contribution is properly credited to them. Just be sure the check is made payable to the corps.

What does it cost to sponsor a member? Many members only need partial help or can use the help of several people, so you can effectively sponsor a member for $100 to $300. Other members are in greater need and may be trying to find up to $1000 in sponsorship money to be able to march. Keep in mind that in addition to dues, members also have to pay for camps, transportation and other expenses.

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