Bushwackers Announce New Winter Rehearsal Facility

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Bushwackers Announce New Winter Rehearsal Facility

January 11, 2011 - The Bushwackers are pleased to announce Caldwell College in Caldwell New Jersey as their new winter rehearsal

facility starting this weekend, January 15th and 16th, and every camp thereafter for the winter. The corps will have access to the

cafeteria for lunch and dinner and plans are underway for overnight housing starting in February.

The beautiful Werner Hall with its many classrooms and lecture halls will have the sounds of drums and bugles heard throughout its halls

all weekend long. To locate Werner hall, check the Caldwell College Campus Map for details.

Starting time on Saturday morning is 10am through 8pm and Sunday once again at 10am until 5 pm. The corps plans on starting

work on the new Key Poulan/Paul Rennick composed original show at this camp.

Please visit www.bushwackers.org for more information on this upcoming camp and membership in the 2011 corps.

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Everything is all set to go, New music, New members and a wonderful new facility, Probably the best facility the corps has ever rehearsed in.

NOW if someone with a plow would like to dig our trailer out for Saturday, We would have a perfect weekend ahead of us! :smile:

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