The Era of Good Change Continues at the Bushwackers

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May 6, 2011 – Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

The era of good change continues at the Bushwackers!

Furthering the cause of building the future of the Bushwackers, a number of significant changes to corps operations

went into effect this week immediately following the appointment of new corps director, Bob Gupta. "The team has

been working tirelessly to round out the administration, "said Bob Gupta. "Keeping continuity with the past while adding

new faces and fresh ideas to the group have been our primary goal, and they have resulted in key administrative

roles being filled."

Some of the key roles that have been filled are indicated below:

Bob Kidd returns to the corps as Business Manager.

Stacy Boyer continues in her role as Member Relations Coordinator.

Rubin Cornier continues in his role as Fundraising Committee Chairperson.

Vinny Esposito continues in his role as Technology Coordinator and Webmaster.

Rob Watson joins the administrative team as Marketing Consultant.

Scott Marshman joins the administrative team in charge of Financials and Accounting.

John Gough returns to the corps as a liaison to the Bushwackers Alumni and coordinator of the home show.

Robert Thatcher joins the administrative team in charge of Communications.

Bob Bessich has offered his talents toward a huge recruiting push, which he is spearheading.

If you think you can help, please contact us!

Additionally, two staff changes have taken place. Lou Randazzo has agreed to take on the position of

Visual Caption Head and Show Coordinator, filling the positions vacated by Bob Gupta when he became

the director. Also, we would like to welcome Tiffany Kidd back to the Bushwackers as the Staff Coordinator.

Please look to the Bushwackers website for biographical information on the members of our staff and

admin team, new and old! Think you can help round out the Bushwackers Administration? We'd love to

hear from you! Please contact Bob Gupta at if you are interested!

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Amen.Welcome back all.

"We 're Bush, and you're not".:o)

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