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Phantom still needs to pump up the volume and take out the electronic drum kit. Work on Elsa and things will be ok

Yeah, the electronic stuff needs to go. Now. As for volume, I'm pretty sure Dan and co. will release the hounds once the hornline has built up more endurance, as the summer progresses. (At least, that's what I remember happened with us back in the day. We weren't really allowed to push it until the later part of the summer. Then Dan sprinkled the magic dust.)

As for changes... I can't stress enough how drastically our show changed in 94 from the beginning of the season to the end. Not just tweaking but really major changes. But with the lack of video streaming and such, the average joe would've never really known. I'm guessing the tradition will continue, but under the microscope, of course.

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Good sounds coming from this corps but get rid of the cube/pole movement. Maybe just have it be a center piece instead and rewrite the drill. There could be some really cool visual moments drill wise with this music. Hope the changes that come are great.

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This years visual program, right now, is a big step back in terms of conveying the musical theme of the show. Cumbersome, inhibiting, and unpolished at times...three things you NEVER get from the Blue Devils.



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