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  1. 1. Bluecoats / SCV -- who you got?

    • Bluecoats baby!!! Is there any other way?
    • It's staircase madness! Eureeeeeeeeeeeeeeka!!!

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I will do my best to post throughout the show tonight. I am in the "blast zone" tonight, so I will be mostly reporting on music, not feet :) Oh, and whoever went through every post I made and gave m

Well I am not a pretentious jerk who thinks they have rights they don't have. If a corps is at my local high school and is there as a guest of my high school's music department you bet your butt I wi

I am going on record as NOT happy with the merge of the threads due to the classless act of this OP calling certain people a "dork" This is a POLL thread and NOT a show thread and feel they are not

What a great thread You pack of #######s

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They just called it. No standstill, no scores announced. No nothing :-(

Scores at dci.org

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BK 89.7 Boston 89.0


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1 Santa Clara Vanguard 91.200

2 Blue Knights 89.700

0 Boston Crusaders 89.000

3 Troopers 84.200

4 Crossmen 81.950

Performance rained out


Phantom Regiment

The Cadets

Sweet! Go BK!

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Indy is gonna be sweet!!!

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