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BD: Get Rid Of The Tail

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Blue Devils has one of the best marching techniques going especially their jazz run (the best I've seen in the last decade). I would like this discussion to be about BD getting rid of the tails to their uniform and going back to an older style or even a new design. I think they've gone with the tails long enough and its time to get rid of it.


Fan of the Arts

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I think they need a completely new design. Honestly, I think the skewed A-frame jacket design (now 17 years old, BTW) has been played out.

I'd love to see them create a new perspective on dressy "night"/formal wear - I think that's really the image that the old open coats projected. And based on the short-lived 2004-2005 design (with the suit lapel and pinstripes), I think that's what they were aiming for as well.


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Why was that given two red negatives? Are people devoid of a sense of satire and sarcasm? I'm betting those that gave me the negative ratings have the same opinion as I do. Of course I know they've been in the top three for like, half of forever. I was making that point that the uniform is obviously NOT holding the corps back.

Now, please...a couple of you go to that post and give me a positive green before my fragile self-esteem implodes. :cool:

All fixed!

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Getting a new look might even help launch the corps into the top-three.

You're a beautiful thing Boo!

Actually it's not a tail, unless Irving has been hanging around some animals that are drinking from the nearby Nuclear Power Plant. It may be called different things, but it is more of a scabbered for a sword than a sash. It's quite elegant and dashing on a military uniform. It's been different colors each of the last years and flashes of these colors appear as they jazz run....really cool. The bigger question is when are Cadets gonna lose the gold cumberbun!! :peek:

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