Marc Sylvester to join the 2012 Bushwackers Staff

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Marc Sylvester to Join the Bushwackers Staff

September 30, 2011

The Bushwackers are proud to announce the addition of Marc Sylvester as Program Coordinator for 2012. Marc is a member of

the DCI Hall of Fame and brings a lifetime of design experience with organizations such as The Cadets and Blue Knights Drum and

Bugle Corps. His experience as a designer, innovator, and leader in the activity makes him a perfect choice for the position.

I’ve had the privilege of marching under Marc’s guidance as well as being adjudicated by him.” said Bushwackers Director

Bob Gupta. “Now I and the rest of the staff are thrilled to be working side by side with Marc and look forward to embarking

on a production that will combine a high level of entertainment value along with the unique identity of The Bushwackers.

The Bushwackers are the six-time DCA World Champions. Preparations for the 2012 season are well under way as the corps again

prepares to enter DCA’s top tier of competition in our 31st year of existence. Stay tuned for more news and announcements

over the coming weeks as exciting things are being planned for the 2012 Bushwacker season!

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Holy Schnikees!!thumbup.gif

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Great News for Bush

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