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Maybe you shouldn't buy overhyped Mac crap. :tongue: (kidding, sheesh)

I can deny this: no problems at all on my Motorola Droid. Can access scores, captions, links no problem. :cool:

This problem must only happen with iOS Devices

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An important follow-up- ALL previously registered DCPI directors will need to re-register at the new site. Unfortunately there's no easy way to migrate over directors' accounts to the new site. Fortun

I'm loving the new website but I'm having some issues. Mobile users, or maybe this only applies to me, are having problems seeing scores for events. Part of the screen is cut off so there is no way for me to see that part of the page. This same thing happens when I go to change my captions. I have to turn my phone in order to see how much my total and how much points each band is. If this could some how get fixed in the near future it would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry its taken me so long to respond. I don't visit this forum regularly once the season is underway (Matt has things well under control), so just saw it this evening.

I can confirm the problem reported and suspect its caused by the fact that we're 'wrapping' the stats system with the new site. It was the approach I took to get the site up and running quickly ... and didn't complete a thorough test on all (read: mobile) devices.

The bad news is that its going to have to stay this way for the foreseeable future (next few months) ... just simply because of my time availability.

The good news though is that I've completely redesigned and written a completely new scores reporting system for the DCI and DCA scores, with an eye towards migrating that over to DCPI in the future. Once that's done, we shouldn't experience the problem you're seeing now with the new system.

My apologies for the problems ... but we'll just have to deal with it for this season. Call it part of the price of 'progress'.

Thanks for understanding.


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We really could use a refresh of the main DCPI web page to make it easier for people to figure out how to sign up for the game. Currently, the only way for people to sign up is to click on a word link buried in a paragraph. This has resulted in year over year declines in participation for a number of seasons.

Fantasy marching games, in general, have seen a decline in usage because their platforms are not being updated. DCPI, in my opinion, is the only truly legit fantasy platform because we use actual real-time stats for gameplay. We need a home page that encourages sign-ups and reflects gameplay in line with modern sports - fantasy football, baseball, etc.

I don't believe we need a wholesale re-write at this time, but we do need simpler navigation and visually engaging how-to's to help encourage new users to sign up, and when to sign up.

Can anything be done simply to just clarify what DCPI is? Simple navigation buttons to make the site look and feel like an actual fantasy sports site would work wonders for participation.

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I only have the ability to edit a couple of things on the front page. Any programming changes would have to involve John Donovan. I agree that improved navigation would help, but I am not sure how much effort that would take or if the ROI would be worth it. We are, after all, a charity case in the DCP pantheon. :cool:

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