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Pretty sure Sunrisers 69 when they took in an all female colour guard But berfore the guard change Lil Lindy marched Sun in the early days of the corps .But not sure of the years ,She started Bills Boys in honour of her husband Bill after his pasting .And as far as i know she was the frist female horn player in the Sunrisers ,She also was still teaching a corps on Long Island ,from Patchoc called the Blue Jays ,Blue Jays are still around and do many L.I.firemens Parades and can be seen in a few NYC parades .That was back in the mid 80s Lil was guest of honour at a Bills Boys dinner back in 85 .

Chuck, I also think Judy Foster was in Sun's horn line, circa 1968 or so.

But you're right... Lil was a trailblazer.

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Brother JC, we had guy guards in both 97 AND 98...remember we had the drumline even pick up flags in the closer to help out.

Yeah ... 64 was the last year of co-ed for Lucy's ... new unis and all-male for them in 65 as I recall ... St. Raphael's dropped the girls after the 62 season ... thank you Bishop Curtis ... he though

In our "Superman" closer in 1979, we (Sun) had an all-female brass duet... Michelle (Calogianes) Monturo on mellophone and Donna (Kelch) Campbell on soprano.

I'm wondering if that was a "first" for DCA.

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Not quite.

The last all male version of the Kilties was in 1997.

The 1998 Kilts featured girls in the guard and in 2000

the corps featured girls in all sections.

DCM Finlas in DeKalb, IL in 1997 was probably the last time that

3 all male corps competed in the same show. (Kilts, Madison and Cavies).

DCM Prelims in Toledo, OH in 1994 was probably the last time that 4 all male

corps competed in the same show. (Kilts, Madison, Cavies and Madison Jr.)

JC,99 was the we went co-ed. 98 was my 1st year and we were still all male.

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