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Hello DCP’ers! It’s FINALLY here. I would like to be the first to apologize (with special thanks to my Media Spokesman Dave Emmond for getting you hounds to calm down) for the error that occurred yesterday. Indeed, by 1015pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time, I completed my nearly 2 hour OPUS GRANDE, entitled “West Covina—The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. I’ve written my share of reviews, but this one was from the heart. And I very stupidly (and actually, rather ignorantly) wrote it WHILE ON DCP! Because when I “submitted” my work after being on DCP for TWO STRAIGHT HOURS, I got a “THIS PAGE HAS EXPIRED, YOU KNUCKLEHEAD!!” message…and poof…into the ethereal realm of electronica, my words, my heart felt loving words….were gone. To say that I was angry would be an understatement, but that only came after about 15 minutes of me sitting at my desk at work, staring at my computer, glassy eyed, my jaw hanging open, drool beginning to hang in long stringy ropes off my chin, and my brain sincerely contemplating all forms of self-mutilation as the idea began to dawn on me that perchance, there was NO WAY IN H-E-L-L I was getting that review back. So again…my bad?? Yeah….slightly!! It’s all about cut and paste, cut and paste…gotta remember to cut and paste! Onwards…


OK…I’m back…sheesh…

For those that don’t know me…hello….for those that do, hello. I’m more known now for being the unofficial “Voice of Southern California” as I’ve been in the announcing business at band, winter guard, and drum corps shows for many, many years. Last night at the West Covina show however, I was just a spectator so I got to really watch and observe and make MENTAL notes of what went on. I didn't take any notes whatsoever, so this will be all by memory.

I have written my fair share of reviews. And I am committed to being as positive as possible. I’m not ALWAYS successful, as was pointed out to me recently regarding my last review of the Riverside Show—Western Corps Connection II. After being in the pageantry arena for MOST of my life, filling many roles, I have understood early on by the example given to me by my very own “band nerd” parents (who followed both my brother and I around to competitions while we were in high school in our respective eras) that the reason why this all works is a complete team effort. But really, in actuality, the REAL important people are those that volunteer. In my lame attempts at being humorous, I pointed out a 30 second encounter I had with some volunteers at the Riverside show that were very effectively guarding a parking area that was close in to the stadium. In my description of the event, it ended up offending those that freely gave of their time, money, and effort to do their job. I apologized to the principals involved, but I thought it was a little empty of me to simply email my apology and not be man enough to acknowledge it publicly. So, before I get to the meat of this review—and it WILL be meaty—I would like to make sure that not only do I apologize to those stalwart and hard-working volunteers that I poked some fun at, but more important, that ALL parents and volunteers and board members and staff members that FREELY GIVE OF THEIR TIME know that I personally am very grateful for all you do. Some great organizations in this small part of the overall pageantry field have been born because of the selfless efforts of volunteers. And I most certainly will make sure that stays in FRONT of my brain from now on, and I won’t be so quick to be flippant.

Now for the review—get ready. Because last night I just let the words fly in my frist draft. My fingers never moved so quickly. And I can’t remember obviously VERBATIM what I said, but I will do my very best to emulate my ideas. A couple points of clarification…I am using this theme “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” to hopefully make a last ditch attempt to be remembered on DCP for this contest that is going on for the best review. So, this is my hook. My eye-catcher. And to say “The Bad”, and realizing that based on my teaser post that I was going to include two highly respected and well-trained corps in “The Bad” section, I want to sort of disarm you PRIOR to you scrolling down and getting to that review if you haven’t already done so. It’s not “The Bad” meaning “Ryan thinks you suck rocks”. Nope…not at all. And you’ll see. But for one corps in particular, it’s going to be a philosophical discussion. GOD I HOPE I CAN REMEMBER THE STELLAR POINTS I MADE LAST NIGHT!!! Here goes nothing…

The Good!


I arrived to find the hornline of SoCal Dream warming up. I was hooked RIGHT THERE! Man these guys have come a HUGE distance, not only from last year, but from last month at the Cerritos Show. I listened to their head horn instructor go through some warm ups and then tune the horns. I have SOME ear, and I know what I heard. Here it was, 115 some odd degrees (I tend to over exaggerate), and the baritones and contras were SO in tune I was hearing overtones. CLEARLY!! I LOVE that stuff. And I stood back and watched them do some run throughs, and I just can’t begin to tell you how tasty they sounded. Little did I know what would transpire on the field…but standing there…man oh man…and by tasty, I’m talking MUSICALLY ROCK SOLID! With of course special props to the mellos and the contras. MAN!!!!!!!! Out on the field, they were joined by their 12-person guard and talented drum line. This was ONE focused corps. It’s sort of surreal for me to see former VK’ers and Freelancers, now fully grown adults, focusing down and actually BEING NERVOUS (just a bit). It was great. And boy did So Cal perform well. The BIGGEST news of the night was that guard. From the top to the end of the show, they were staged well, they performed well, and simply were amazing, considering that they didn’t really have too many people as close as 2 months ago. They won the show—and once again proved that this guard meant business. The show itself went well, with an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL sound coming from the mellophone soloist in “Beautiful Maria”. UNREAL! And I have to give special props to my man, Sam Signorelli, who makes my enthusiasm seem like child’s play to his. Folks, this is one hyping guy. He LOVES SoCal Dream, he loves the people he serves as drum major, and most of all, he respects the HECK out of this activity. Case in point…at two separate times last night as I was attempting to get a word in edgewise with him, er, I mean, talk with him, he excused himself to either salute another drum major walking by (which is just the EPITOME OF RESPECT!!!) and another time, to salute the American Flag during the National Anthem. Sam was 400 yards away in a basketball court, but still did it anyway. Great conductor, and a mini-version of a nuclear reactor. Plug that man in folks…


WOW WOW WOW!!! I was so excited to see them come out on the field that I could barely stand it! Let’s be honest. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. Didn’t really know anything about them, except to visit their website a few times. MAN WAS I IMPRESSED! Thank YOU RCR! First of all, what made this part of “The Good” was their decision to have part of their “Elements” show feature one of my favorite Chip Davis/Mannheim Steamroller songs “Come Home To The Sea”. All I can say is it’s about dang time someone did that on the field. The rest of their show was solid across the board, with one very talented soprano player. By what I could tell, and by what I was told, RCR is a “mixed” hornline of Bb’s and G’s. Couldn’t really tell—go figure, I can hear overtones in SoCal’s warm up, but I can’t tell RCR’s mixed hornline and if it was compromising anything. A VERY solid and well trained drum line. If I’m not mistaken, their drum line was sort of the impetus for the corps to be formed? So they’ve been together for awhile I take it? Not huge (4 snares, 2 quads, 5 basses???), but they were very solid and MOVED very well. Drill was accessible and easy, which is PERFECT for them. WELL DONE!! I said in my teaser this group will strike gold. Here’s why…first, Renegades taught me the Law of Organizational Momentum. They’re famous for starting with seven, and here they are, 4 years later, reaping the benefits of this perpetual momentum born out of solid marketing, solid leadership, and ever increasing goal setting and goal accomplishments. RCR and SoCal are BOTH on the same path, SoCal even more so I think than RCR, and that’s only because I’m here in southern California and witnessing it firsthand. RCR will NOW experience what I call the first phase of the Law, as the fence sitters and pooh-pooher’s will say, “Wow! They really ARE becoming something!” I’m extremely impressed with what I saw and heard, and can only imagine that the Sacramento Valley will have their very own senior group that will be a QUALITY organization. More on this concept in a bit…but RCR. You must do ONE thing for me. BRING BACK “COME HOME TO THE SEA” NEXT YEAR!! Make that a signature song! I simply love it. Do anything else you want AFTER that…Elvis music, Holsinger, Sousa…I don’t care. But bring on the Steamroller!!! LOVE IT GUYS!!!


I made reference in my teaser of jokingly asking “what can you do with just 6 horns”, referring of course to Alliance’s incredibly small but incredibly talented hornline. Folks…to say that I’m impressed with these folks is about as much of an understatement as one could find. I was VERY much watching this show, really watching, really listening…and basically, standing at the top of the stadium, LEADING THE CROWD IN CLAPPING during the appropriate times (cough cough). I didn’t care, because what IRRITATED me was how many people sort of drifted off into conversations and not paying attention, with the thought I’m sure of “Well, we’ll get through this and wait for the bigger corps”. If you were one of those, or if you ARE one of those that will be going to a Division II/III show later this season, PLEASE give these guys (all small corps) a flippin’ chance. Alliance’s show is so incredibly well-designed and WELL PACED (programming), that you’d be missing a heck of a treat if you sat on your hands or went to go get a hot dog. Their show is a continuous loop of musical ideas, with OBVIOUS claptraps built in (impacts with pit segues that were CLEARLY indicative of mood change and “something coming” type change). Those kids out there (I’m practically in tears writing this) deserve to hear OUR appreciation for their efforts. And I for one, goofy as I may have looked at the top of the stadium LOUDLY clapping at those points, will NEVER take for granted this or any other small group. Alliance has some minor cleanliness issues to work out, some visual responsibilities that are (again…cough cough) causing the music to suffer that can EASILY be tempered down…but this group is strong, and WILL represent this state very well back at nationals. Their drum line is so incredibly musical and sensitive to the hornline’s needs. The guard performs well, and without seeing the rest of the Division III it’s real hard for me to predict Alliance making finals. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t…and I CERTAINLY WANT THEM TO!!!! Keep pushing Alliance…demand that attention from the crowds by not giving them any reason to do anything else BUT ENJOY YOU! And by all means…HAVE FUN!!


I wasn’t exactly the most positive about Impulse in my last review, but boy did they do a number for me last night. Impulse came to play folks…they cleaned up their show so that about 75% of it was TOTALLY better than ever before. They have included some enhancements to the music, the visual program, and have changed their closing 25% to make it more exciting and energized. THAT part obviously will clean up, as that was in they sort of lost some gas. But BY AND LARGE, Impulse to this reviewer has made some SIGNIFICANT improvements in all areas. I am especially impressed by the hornline’s musicality, the drum line’s playing, and the guard’s performance level. NICE JOB RIFLES coming through the mellophones with that toss! Actually got me to yell out loud “YEAH!!!”. I don’t do that often. Impulse has the makings of a great show this season…if I could change anything, I would take out the “singing” part (it just doesn’t sound good and nobody “gets it”), and I would visit that section where the mellophones (VERY TALENTED BY THE WAY!) and sopranos kind of do a question and answer deal. There’s a pit transition in there that simply takes the wind out of the momentum of that section and for about 6 counts, my butt muscles clenched up because I thought the tempo was tearing badly. But I think it’s just a strange part of the show that needs to be looked at and redone maybe. Other than that, great music, GREAT kids, and I’m POSITIVE that Impulse will make Division II finals and do great.


I figured it out! ALL BY MYSELF!! That little circle on the upper left chest area of their uniform…it’s a degree marking!! Get it?? FEVER…DEGREE…I figured it out!! I know…I don’t get out much. What an ambitious program you have up there. HOLSINGER MUSIC FOR YOUR FIRST YEAR!!! Here, let me bite off that big chunk o’ music and chew on THIS for awhile….but I was VERY impressed. Why? Because even though you’re not going to nationals this year, you still designed a show that WOULD make finals if it was cleaned up. You bit off a lot, but I could tell that you had the enthusiasm and performance standard to back it up. And that’s what was so GREAT to see out there…some real performance excitement to what they were doing. Man, if I was in that group, I’d be hyping so big time right now because you have ALL THE MAKINGS OF BEING A MAJOR PLAYER! I sat with a bunch of people that all looked at each other as you trooped the stands with raised eyebrows and the general commentary of “Oh oh…look out for this group!” FEVER….congrats to you, and to Mr. Wilhelm. Let the Law of Organization Momentum bless your group, stay solid, stay realistic, recruit, and God only knows that we’ll be sporting a Division I corps again from the Modesto area. A BIG TIME CONGRATS TO THIS GROUP!!!


12 horns have NEVER sounded so good. And that was only the American contingent of this corps, as the Japanese folks are flying in next week. And off they go to nationals. Yamato performed a stand still for us, and we were treated to such an incredibly well trained, well in tune, and exciting little horn line. If they move and march as well as they play, LOOK OUT DIVISION II finals. Will we have THREE Southern California REPS in finals???? And thanks for coming out. Can I make a request? Make it happen next year to get EVERYONE out early, and let them march for us. I’m sure we’ll be appreciative…right folks?? Thanks to Eddie their director for putting this ensemble together and bringing them out tonight. They were very appreciated.


I almost left you guys out. I was busy typing the bads and thought, “HEY! Hold the door!” WOW!!! What a show!!! Horns were on…I got BIG HONKING GOOSEBUMPS AT THE END OF THE SHOW, which doesn’t happen too often anymore (old and grizzled I am!), when their hornline parked down in the pit section and let us have it. THANK YOU! I’m proud of this organization’s development, and this show is simply going to win Division II. I’m calling it here, right now….Esperanza WILL be the new champion. And I am NOT a superstitious type, so I’m NOT going to allow anyone say “You’re cursing them with bad luck!” Not with this group…they own the field when they perform and luck is NOT an issue in this show. Congrats to everyone with Esperanza…enjoy this season.

--THE BAD!!!!

I’m going to get the most difficult of the “bads” out of the way first. Again, a reminder for our more defensive of members on DCP. It’s not “bad” as in “I hate this group/show/people/person/place”. It’s JUST A GIMMICK! But it is about something that is bugging me in reference to something specific, and this allows me to bring some attention to it. First group on in this section—Pacific Crest. Part of me is currently beating me up for putting them in this part of the review. I absolutely adore Pacific Crest. I’ve been very vocal in past reviews about how solid of an organization this is from the very top all the way down to their very very talented performers. This season, I’m especially proud of this group for two major reasons. First, because they have decided to take the first step towards really establishing their national image by going to DCI. And secondly, because they are jumping into it big time by being a Division I group. There’s a lot of intestinal fortitude being shown by their principal players over there that make the decisions, and I for one, am PROUD AS EVER of this group for making this commitment. So why bad, Turner, why…why…why?

I made a comment in my teaser about the Brain Fart Bug that showed up in the middle of PC’s show Sunday night. And there’s no doubt it was flying around and stinging people in areas where I’ve never seen ANYTHING go wrong. Seriously, all corps are allowed their off nights. This was one for PC. I for one want them to get these bad nights over and done with NOW, because I’m such a firm believer in this group making a VERY VERY legitimate shot at finals. I’m sticking to that prediction. The show is so superiorly designed. Note to other reviewers…what “easy” drill??? Bah!!!!!!!!! This group is solid. Drumline!!!! WOW!! And the guard is second to none…I’ll never get sick of the cubes, and the audience will just LOVE that first hit in the opener with the spinning going on. Looks magical—simply magical under the lights. But the downfall that occurred, and I know their staff is aware of it…but visually there were some performance errors that will simply not be acceptable for them to get into finals. Again, if this was just “one of those shows”, COOL!!! Get it out of your system. But if this is just kids (what I call) “checking out mentally” of the show, well….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Their head visual caption head is simply one of the best in the industry, and I am more than confident he’ll get this fixed and under control.

I won’t see PC again or hear of their accomplishments until they’re at DCI. I want NOTHING but success…and nothing more than those kids giving everything single thing they have to make this incredible show HAPPEN!! The ball is DEFINITELY STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE AND IN THEIR COURT!! Let’s play ball guys….best of everything to PC!!!

--This is the part of the review that last night was both difficult to type, yet the words flowed because I was so enthralled with what I had to say. I need to set up my “qualifications” for what I’m about to say. First off, I just realized no one knows who the heck I’m about to talk about. This is about the Renegades. Second, my ONLY exposure to senior corps other than reading about it on the Internet, visiting websites, and hearing a very few MP3’s, has been via the Renegades and SoCal Dream, that is, until last night, and RCR blessed me with a great show. So with this “exposure” to senior corps, I have established in MY mind the following…senior corps is about having fun, about entertaining, about “high, loud and fast” (which is a polite way of saying, ahhhh, the music needs to be exciting, and we don’t care about the rough around the edges part), and it’s most definitely about people with VAST amounts of DIVERSE experience from across the board in drum corps in general coming together to give it (the thrill of performing) another shot. I find this activity as I become more familiar with it to be akin to taking up a hobby just like anyone else would do…or a sport…so instead of going to a bowling league, you do drum corps…instead of doing the Rotary Club, you do drum corps…instead of coaching Pee Wee Soccer, you do drum corp. You get the picture that I’m portraying of how I view this whole OTHER world of drum corps? I for one am becoming more supportive of it about every single minute I continue breathing. What I DON’T know about senior corps is the judging aspect, because while I view this as a hobby for most and terribly entertaining, there’s still this large streak of competitiveness that runs through the blood of most of these performers. I’ve read it here DCP and on RAMD. There’s the disagreements with placings. Scores not right. Judges doing this…judges doing that. It’s still an element in THIS part of drum corps. So I can assume then that at some point in the process of putting these shows together, no matter WHAT senior corps do, there’s ALWAYS an eye out for the COMPETITIVE edge to what they’re going to do. To me, staff members and performers in senior corps have an obligation of sorts to “marry” the two elements of keeping the crowds involved, and keeping the judges “on their side”. I think so far in my self-analysis and outlook on the activity, I’m pretty dang close if not right on about the “state” of things. I’m sure I’ll get more insight (which I MOST DEFINITELY INVITE!!!) from folks.

So what’s bad, Turner? Let’s make the point before the New Year. (I’m sorry…I just need to set groundwork…sue me!)

When I first saw Renegades in Glendora two years ago, I was announcing the show, I was anticipating them as I was reading Lee Rudnicki and others from the organization and how excited THEY were about what they had put together. I was clearly blown away by them at my first viewing. I even was featured (or my words were actually) on their website for awhile because I just was so impressed in one of my reviews. Back then, they brought what I call some “classic” drum corps music, “One More Time” and “Mambo” for instance, and just rocked. SIMPLY ROCKED!! Screaming sopranos, drums drumming, guard guarding…you know the drill!! It’s was typical “high loud and fast” and I loved it, the crowd loved it, and it was an indication that two things were going to happen. First, before I knew what to call it by giving it a fancy name, Renegades REALLY started that momentum thing BACK THEN with that show. I personally got swept up in it as well. I was very gah-gah over this organization. Second, the corps was going to be able to do whatever it wanted to do, and be great at it. Last year, I never saw them. But I heard them on their website from their DCA finals performance. They really brought the house down back east. I again was incredibly proud of them, and this coming from someone who has no REAL vested stake in the success of this organization. I JUST LOVED THEM!! And for this season, I read all the hype, kept an eye on their website for updates and pics and what have you, and was really anticipating their show. And boy was I impressed this past Sunday. On many levels. But I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about what I thought about driving home after the show.

There was something fundamentally wrong with what Renegades did on Sunday night that really got to me. And to be candid, it was the upper lead sopranos. WOW! You sure are picky, Turner! Am I? Well, consider this. Their incredibly talented staff went to the trouble of putting together in my eyes probably what can be considered the BEST senior corps show that will be at DCA this season (and yes, I know I can’t REALLY say that because I haven’t seen anyone else from DCA…but I was so impressed by what was done on Sunday that I can hardly believe anyone will come close to them IN DESIGN and PROGRAMMING!). It’s a conglomeration of music—quite GOOD music might I add—that portrays rather nicely in my eyes their show theme of basic “Good Vs. Evil”. I was blown away at how anyone could take Tocatta and Fugue by Bach, Russian Christmas Music by Alfred Reed, Ave Maria (a CHOIR TUNE!!!) by Franz Biebl and make it into a medley of sorts for an opener in a drum corps show. As Lee would say…GENIUS! So what’s eating me?

Why, with such INCREDIBLE MUSIC and EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE POTENTIAL in this show of some unbelievably SUPERIOR musical content must we apply the “high loud and fast” factor and have such UNMUSICAL soprano involvement? WHY??? It bothered me because I’m listening to Russian Christmas and just loving it, when all of a sudden, WHAM!! I was reminded that this was a senior corps! You see my point? Yeah… I KNOW they’re a senior corps…but Renegades to me is TRULY on the cusp of raising the standard bar another notch higher for the entire activity. Because in my humble and semiprofessional opinion, Renegades can lay off of the quite frankly irritating screaming sops at what I consider to be the wrong places in the show, AND STILL RETAIN the image they have have so masterfully cultivated over these years. AND on top of that, raise the bar above all the other senior corps and say “HEY! Look at what WE can do!” and challenge the notion (without turning into a “junior corps” and forgetting audience) that senior corps HAVE to do the “high loud and fast” thing to be successful. I haven’t a clue what the DCA judging sheets credit in terms of musical performance, but I can’t for the life of me imagine Renegades, with such INCREDIBLE MUSIC (how many times do I have to say it!!!?) and INCREDIBLE PERFORMERS, getting credit for what I can only call simply inappropriate playing from their sops. WHY??? Yeah…they’re great players! I love a screaming sop just as much as anyone. But during Russian Christmas? During Ave Maria? I'll even take the plunge and say that type of playing is bordering on immature.

I know I’m longwinded about this…I guess I’m so incredibly excited for the Renegades that I may be overreacting to something that may seem rather simple, but if I didn’t care, I’d just do my “zip boom bah” act (right Lee? HA!) and move on. But it bugged me. It bugged all the way home. And I simply CAN’T be the only person that noticed it. To me, it’s simple. Take the extra step, calm those guys down, you’ll get an automatic boost of musicianship across the board, and again, I think you’ll truly be RENEGADES by challenging the senior corps activity at large and by saying we can do more with what we have and STILL be entertaining without having too play as loud and as high as possible.

I’ve got to go to work…I still have the UGLY to talk about, but I’m out of time…so I’ll just add to this later…and I’ll keep it in the thread. There’s some TASTY rumors I got to spread around from reliable sources anyway…and I need to review Blue Devils “B” and what I consider to be a travesty that occurred Sunday night with the judges, the people who I generally leave alone because I respect their jobs.

And let me close with one more word about the Renegades…my concerns will probably not change anything because I have a small voice telling me that it’s really irrelevant and it doesn’t make THAT much difference in the overall music, and it’s just a “taste” thing with me and probably no one else is bothered by it. Be that as it may, I’ll be fine either way. Because to be absolutely clear, Renegades simply floored me with their show on Sunday. I’ve read about everything Lee Rudnicki has published about his corps, and he was true to his word about the show. I’m simply amazed at what they’ve accomplished this year. I don’t even want to give the show my normal review of citing specifics in the show. I would just advise everyone up north if you HAVE NOT SEEN THEM YET, oh my God! GO!!!!! The entire Matrix production has to be seen AND heard to be believed…and the entire show again is simply remarkable. My comments and negativity towards those upper leads is NOT a conviction of them as people, nor is it a conviction against the staff for letting it go. God knows that most of the staff members up there have more talent in the lint in their navels than I do in my 20 years plus in this activity. Just trying to be clear…but I'm also trying to be honest.

Hope you liked the review…more to come soon…there’s still MORE TO TALK ABOUT!!!

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Ryan, you've done an excellent review, and one from the heart. I am so happy that you mentioned Sam in your review. He sat by me at my first drum corps performance explaining the rudimentary basics of the craft, cheering, spreading his humor, and expressing pure joy of what other performers were accomplishing. This year he was one of the sponsors for my son, and without his help I'm afraid that my son wouldn't have been able to march his age-out year. Over the past year, Sam took time out of his busy schedule to continue to explain things to me, educating me, and caring enough to be a friend when I really needed one. The sparkle in his eyes when he sees something really grand happening on the field, the total commitment to SoCal Dream as a DM. You captured it well. Bravo!

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Great review! It was well worth the wait!

By the way:

The orange circle is supposed to represent the blazing central valley sun. However with the tempratures we get it here in Modesto it wouldn't suprise me if the circle was a degree sign! The only thing missing is a big red 102 in front of it!

Fever's Hot! (With no thanks the the sweltering West Covina heat!(and smog! Hack..cough))

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There was something fundamentally wrong with what Renegades did on Sunday night that really got to me. And to be candid, it was the upper lead sopranos.

Great review Ryan.

As for the Renegades, we have heard comments re: screaming sopranos this year, from the very first time we debuted the corps at LMS 4. Having said that, we consciously decided to take a fundamentally “Renegades” approach as we designed Red Skies at Night. At times, yes, our approach to traditional music is very much “left of center.” The end of Niner Two, for example, has about as much to do with the musical sensibilities of Don Ellis as does an Ozzy Osbourne concert. But, we definitely wanted to add our Renegades’ stamp, if you will, to each and every musical selection. We definitely did not want Russian Christmas Music, for example, to simply come off as our attempt to recreate the 1987 SCV (which anyone would likely fail at). Some people really like all the music, others like only the good portions of the show … others only the evil. Some people love “high end” additions to Russian, others definitely do not. I guess there is something for everyone in Red Skies at Night … LOL. You should come up to our last performance in a few weeks before DCA (or DCA). We’re turning things up to “11” for the new evil DCA ending to the show. I think you will like it.

All in all, the reality of having a competitive West Coast senior circuit seems to be sinking in for everyone … and it’s all good.


p.s. Join SoCal Dream!

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We definitely did not want Russian Christmas Music, for example, to simply come off as our attempt to recreate the 1987 SCV (which anyone would likely fail at).

Did anyone suggest that you try to do that? :P

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We definitely did not want Russian Christmas Music, for example, to simply come off as our attempt to recreate the 1987 SCV (which anyone would likely fail at).

Did anyone suggest that you try to do that? :P

In a round about way, yes ... since portions of the front end (after Halloween to Ave Maria) and back (after Ave Maria) of our arrangement -- minus the high end -- is verbatim 87 SCV.

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well.......I know someone who did in fact say............"it needed the power ending that would be SIMILIAR to what SCV did".

As I told you Lee, the tune in whole is AWESOME, but the end does not do the production justice. I believe I used the word "anemic".

It needs the power that SCV created, that sent the crowd into delirium ( you remember being on the field, dont you? :lol: ).

First and last impressions are what fans, and judges remember.

The Cadets did a GREAT job of this in '83, when they bookended RPH, and rode it to a DCI Championship.

Anywhos, this fan (me) is eager to see how it all comes down.

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Did anyone suggest that you try to do that? :P

In a round about way, yes ... since portions of the front end (after Halloween to Ave Maria) and back (after Ave Maria) of our arrangement -- minus the high end -- is verbatim 87 SCV.

well.....the risk factor of "tryin to re-create what SCV did" in an 11 second ending, I would think, is perty miniscule. :P

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Speaking of screaming sopranos, did you catch the announcer at the San Diego show after Renegades went on? It was something like, "My college band director is in the audience and see - other trumpets hold over too." Someone needed to slap him.

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