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Shows that changed drum corps?

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Then could one assume the need for new sheets was irrelevant? Just a question.

no..just means that corps learn the sheets and work them to their advantage....just smart....just because the outcome may not be different doesnt mean change cant happpen.....if a corps is smart enough in their programming to stay on top..no matter what the change I would think they will always have an advantage because they know how to play the game...theres been flip flopping with a few corps this year BUT I dont think it has anything to do with sheets.

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Haven't followed DCI for as long or as closely as most of you but I'll throw in. Don't know how much these shows "changed" drum corps, but they were significant.

1983 Cadets - no explanation needed.

1991 Star of Indiana - showed that the middle horns could carry the horn line. Also first time since DCI started in early 70's that a corp other than Cadets, Devils or Scouts won the title.

1993 Star of Indiana - the first "out there" show to place that high. Still a crime they didn't win it.

1994 Blue Devils - (yeah I'm biased here) - first debut of "monkey drumming" that forever changed drumlines. More significantly, it marked the beginning of the "new" Blue Devils and a complete change in direction for them and it led to an unprecedented run. Including 1994 there have been 18 DCI Championships and BD has won 8. :bluedevil:

Wondering how you are defining "since DCI started in the early 70's"

I'll give you that maybe the Anaheim Kingsmen's win in 1972 was before the early 70's. But have you ever heard of another west coast corps that won five titles between 73 and 89 (which is only two years before Star in 91)?

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Maybe I'm too old and perhaps I've got blinders on as to what is going on, but honestly, I hear there are new sheets and I see no difference what-so-ever. Everyone is placing exactly as they would if the sheets didn't change.

Perhaps so, but one could argue that the shows themselves are, for the most part, more entertaining. The corps at the top of this activity all have one thing in common: their staffs know how to design a show to max out the sheets, whatever those sheets may say. Therefore, it only makes sense that these corps would still be placing high. I, personally, find the shows this year (and last) to be far more entertaining, across the board, then what we got from, say, 2007 to 2010.

Based on this (personal) observation, I would say that the new sheets are, in fact, a success.

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I am asking the following for the purposes of debate and not criticism.

There are numerous references to BD defining their programming "within the sheets." This definition has been used to explain why they are always so successful.

If they are defining their programming in this manner, in what way is this challenging the norm? They are within the rules of definition.

Be careful LincolnV. You are asking too many questions. Don't use your real name and never give out your phone number or address. You might start getting phone calls after midnight and they will hang up after you answer.

I've used the example of the quote from the movie BLAZING SADDLES where Mel Brooks tells Harvey Korman and a group of quasi-Government officials, "Gentlemen! We've got to protect our phony, baloney jobs!"

There seem to be constant watchers of these threads tasked with defending COMPETITION AT ALL COSTS while constantly poo-pooing the value of entertainment and audience opinion and voting.

:sarcasm: And when these people aren't on the Forum, they're following Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri. At least, that's my theory. :laughing:

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't The Cadets 2003 the first show with a "pre-show"? That's seems to be a pretty big change to me.

Actually, Cadets had a pre-show wayyyy back in 1989. Although you would not know it from the recordings, as the announcer did his bit early at Finals. Throughout the season, they would start the Les Mis show facing backfield, then get the "You may enter the field for competition" just before they turned forward for the big opening hit.

I seem to remember a pre-show in '88 as well....but I could be wrong.

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