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Live Streaming Finals

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so, how much money do you think DCI lost out on by now showing finals this year?

I don't know: it's hard to guess without knowing how much DCI would charge to stream Finals. I think conservatively it's safe to say that they lost a few thousand dollars. If they charged a fairly high premium (I suggested that they sell the stream for the average price of a Finals ticket), then I think they could've lost several thousand: maybe close to or exceeding ten thousand.

If they bundle Finals stream w/the DVD's or Blu-rays, they might've lost out on even more. This year we decided not to buy the DVD's or Blu-rays just to get the Finals VOD. We bought them the last few years, but financially we didn't think we watch the DVD's enough to make it worth it. HOWEVER, we DEFINITELY would've bought the DVD's or Blu-rays if they were part of a Finals live-stream deal. If DCI did a similar deal with the Finals live stream as they do currently with the VOD, I think DCI would've made even more money stream Finals AND selling more DVD's.

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Is attendance down for the regional DCI shows that are streamed live? I don't but this excuse.

Exactly: I'm with you here. I think DCI is hesitant to mess with their cash cow formula, and their hesitation is quite possibly LOSING money for them: in a time when eliminating a revenue stream is not prudent.

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Clearly there are people that are willing to give them extra money to watch a live stream of finals, but will never attend finals live (for whatever reason). That is free money that they are leaving on the table. It makes no sense at all.

This is exactly what I'm thinking

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IMO, they should broadcast some Open class stuff before adding another World Class show. All the video we get is if they're at a random mostly world class show or finals. That's all.

While I can get that, the blunt truth is that the majority of fans are mostly interested in the World Class corps. The majority of Fan Network buyers are likely paying to see Blue Devils, Phantom Regiment, SCV, etc. weekly, not Revolution or other OC corps. Did DCI stream OC prelims?

They did stream both Prelims (featuring almost all of the OC corps) as well as Semis (featuring a lot of the OC corps): that's the majority of OC corps at the prime of their season.

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Given the interest in the QF broadcast, I think 10k buyers at $50 is reasonable. BUT I'd wager it would drive down interest in the theater broadcast somewhat. But there are lots of benefits to the theater broadcast as well, so it probably wouldn't cut into it too badly.

I think more than any other live event that is regularly streamed (rock concerts/festivals, sports events, etc) drum corps is an activity that most fans WANT to see live vs on computer stream. I honestly don't know any drum corps fan that would prefer to watch a show live-streamed than see it in person (heck, I know people who would rather go watch drum lines warm-up in the lot rather than go to a buddy's house and watch a Regional show on FN). Drum corps fans like not only the thrill of seeing corps perform live, but the communal experience of seeing old friends, hanging out with like-minded people in the stadium, etc: ESPECIALLY when it comes to Finals!

I think that MAYBE some fans would forgo going to Finals to see the Fan Network live stream, but I think that it's also very possible that DCI would GAIN attendance in the future BECAUSE of FN. I think it's safe to stipulate that people would watch the Finals stream, get caught in the hype, and realize that they HAVE to go see it live next year.

On the other hand, I can't imagine DCI gets more than half the ticket price, if that, from the QF broadcast, whereas as I suggested before their margins for a Finals live stream should be very high...

I think if DCI eliminated the QF stream, they would get even more for the Finals stream, AND get ALL of the profit. If they want to keep the theater thing, I don't think one audience will cannibalize the other too significantly.

So I guess it just comes down to how many people would pay $50 for a Finals live stream.


I think DCI should explore this, at least, with legit market research in the off season.

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I don't have any "proof" of this, but I seem to remember that there were more people coming to DCI Finals week when Finals night was broadcast live on PBS.

Ergo, the simple argument of not streaming DCI Finals night because of less people attending doesn't hold water. There are many, MANY other factors involved (i.e., economy; not wanting to go to Indy year after year; indoor stadium with crappy sound; poor marketing on DCI's part; bad airline connections from Indy; other things to do in life, etc.) that have driven down fan attendance since 1972.

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