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Very true, in the end, it IS about money, and your point regarding cheaper local shows is definitely true. But, as for streaming finals, DCI is losing out on willing customers that can't make the financial commitment to attend finals.

I agree. It does seem that charging a $40-50+ fee for streaming finals could only be a net positive for DCI. I like their current system of buy the Blu-ray/DVD, get the VODs. But maybe if you've bought the big package, stream the finals for just $30 more? Everyone else pays $50? That seems more than fair to me.

Drumcat has assured us year in and year out whenever this thread has come up that the topic is discussed every year when they're planning the Fan Network packages. His point always is that it's gonna happen some year just not yet. Maybe they want to ensure they've got the streaming thing totally solid--a failure on a $50 Finals stream would be a PR disaster. Maybe they are waiting for a certain growth in Fan Network memberships or streams, or maybe they are waiting for a certain drop in DVD/Blu-ray sales before they make the leap.

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It's about 10:45 on the west coast. As I type this I'm watching NASA's live video stream of the Curiosity landing on Mars. Let me repeat that: I'm watching a live stream of a space ship landing on

No, but it would cut into attendance and ticket sales.

I know that's the published excuse, but I'm not so sure that's how it would really be. I think the folks that want to go will still go. There's a vibe you get live that no live feed can replicate. Sur

I don't get it. Why are they still pushing DVD sales? How long before this antiquated business practice stops?

I *hope* it continues at least till they can deliver Blu-ray quality audio and video digitally. The VODs are nowhere close to the Blu-ray product.

Edit: Oh, I see you were complaining that the Finals VODs are unavailable to folks who don't buy the super-pricey physical media.

I think they do it to make sure they sell enough physical media to recoup the costs of producing any amount of physical media. There's a fixed cost in doing a run of DVDs or Blu-rays, and a tiny per-unit cost thereafter. But if their per-unit margin times the number of units doesn't exceed the fixed cost, they wouldn't be able to afford to produce any DVDs or Blu-rays. Unbundling the Finals VODs would most definitely lose them some physical media sales, just because it would eliminate the reason fans have to commit to buying the physical product during the season. I put off buying the Blu-ray for 2009 when it was bundled, and I *still* haven't gotten around to buying it. :lookaround: So I think they're right on that score.

I think DCI's volume is somewhat above what makes sense to sell physical media, and that still reaches a lot more fans than digital media. But once they fall under that barrier they will have to commit to going all-digital, and things won't come back around. So I can understand their desire to go slow on this one.

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I *hope* it continues at least till they can deliver Blu-ray quality audio and video digitally. The VODs are nowhere close to the Blu-ray product.

Oh I'm not debating that, I just think they should set a base price (of say 100) on the FN, and you get everything. Offer maybe a 30% discount on the blueray package for people who want it instead of tying the FN package tiers to a dvd purchase.

Ok edited to concede your edit points as valid.

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No. Defeats the purpose. I know the way some want to price is "if the avg person pays $300 to attend, $50 is a steal!" Except the streaming show isn't nearly the same experience you'd get live. Remember the goal of the Finals stream is about promoting the greatness of our activity, not entertaining a closed group of a few thousand super fans.

you mean the ones not paying $125 to sit in a thunder dome?

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One more thing to add to this:

Think of all the people NOT living in the US that would love the opportunity to watch finals live. I can guarantee that there would be hundreds of people in Europe who would pay good money to watch finals live!

There would be thousands of people in CANADA TOO !!!!

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