Can Phantom get ANY love?!?!

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Phantom Regiment needs more Love? :huh2:






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At the beginning of the season, there were quite a few skeptics that thought Phantom couldn't recover from the "significant" staff changes over the fall/winter. Some had them picked sixth or lower, fe

Phantom gets a lot of love already.

The fact that this is even a topic completely BAFFLES me. If there are any two corps that have this boards undivided attention, it's phantom and crown. Stop being a cry baby.

I'll concede '07, but the other two I disagree with...especially '10. Unless they just cranked it at Finals, the other few times I saw them live they were very muted in comparison to other years.

Edit: I had heard them A LOT louder this year outside than in the dome. They could flat out rattle the stadium seats. I think they probably adapted their air-level for the Finals setting to make it sound the best.

Yes, Regiment REALLY cranked it up at the TOC show in NY and at Finals last year. That low brass section was simply on fire last year. Sorry you missed that! To the other comments, no, '10 was not a better brass performance, and they were weak up in high brass last year, but in Indy, they were super powerful - again driven by the low brass.


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What Phantom did was nothing short of incredible.

Staff changes usually equate to a brand new building process that seems to always result in a drop in placement, ie. SCV from the mid-2000's until now, Blue Stars 2012. But what does Phantom do after getting a new brass caption head, arranger, and visual designer all in the same year? They achieve their highest placement since Spartacus, that's what!

It's great time to be a Phan, as this corps gets keeps achieving new heights!

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What was her name....Propecia???

As long as it wasn't Incontinentia Buttocks...

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Yeah - Phantom was my third favorite show right after Madison and Crossmen. They are usually right up there for me. One of the most loved corps around.

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