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Star of Indiana - 1992

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Well, you're right about that, because I still think I would have made a good movie stand-in for Brad Pitt. Instead, when I used to work as an extra on movies that were filmed in Chicago, during the filming of "Planes, Trains & Automobiles," I was asked by another extra if I was John Candy's stand-in. (My scene never made it into the film.)

Umm...that's actually a tad bit disturbing, Mike! Please ease concerns that you scene had nothing to do with...two...pillows. Because I just had a "bathing in chocolate" flashback there!

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I believe Star called it dynography. I remember reading an article about it back in the day.

Do a google image search for "body sculpting" and you'll understand why that is exactly the wrong term.

While you're at it, do another image search for "pageantry" and you'll discover how off the mark that one is too.

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A couple of things to clarify.... Sorry I cannot remember posters name that was claiming problems in Chester on Finals night must not have a good recording as there were not any bad brass attacks or phasing and honestly that was a great brass performance. If it is in reference to the Mello pickups prior to a hit late in the piece those are true to the original recording but been asked over the years if they were a mistake. There were the same all year and as I said straight from the original composition.

As for the 1992.... we were not well received but then again from 1991-1993 I think it is VERY safe to say we were disliked by the more vocal fans. We were booed much of the year in 1992 just like the year before but thankfully there were some exceptions. It seemed that the East coast enjoyed the theme but the Midwest didnt. But then again we could have played exactly what Cavaliers, Madison or Phantom were playing and wouldve still been booed. I think they didnt enjoy us crashing the DCM party the way we did and no matter what DCI was not going to allow us to win it again in 1992.

That was probably the cleanest of any of the 1990s Star productions and performances but it also didnt carry the same demand as all of the others either. But it is still revered as the best Star of Indiana hornline from the inside of the group.

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