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A new entry showed up in the 2011 filings where there were none shown in the '09 or '10 filings.

Under the heading of "Independent Contractors", the form asks to "Complete this table for your five highest compensated independent contractors that recieved more than $100,000 of compensation from the organization..."

In 2011, two contractors were listed for the first time:

DSM Sports Marketing, Inc. of Valrico, FL was paid $127,225 for "Marketing", and

The Art Department, Inc, of Mount Holly, NJ was paid $111,020 for "Marketing"

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There are a few itemized categories that are interesting, namely "Occupancy", "Travel", and "Conferences, conventions, and meetings".

Occupancy (presumably hotel rooms and the like)

2009: $117,924

2010: $121,302

2011: $121,776


2009: $33,604

2010: $33,487

2011: $16,623


2009: $111,993

2010: $164,859

2011: $201,992

"Occupancy" and "Travel" are both listed as "Management and general expenses", while "Conferences" are listed un "Program service expenses". Occupancy was remarkably consistent, Travel was cut nearly in half in 2011 (better use of local judges, maybe?), and Conferences had an 80% increase over the three years ending in 2011.

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Legal expenses more than doubled in the three years from '09 to '11, from about $3,900 to about $10,000.

Accounting expense was flat-lined from '09 to '11 at about $15,000.

Interest payments took a jump in 2010:

Interest (expense)

2009: $17,694

2010: $27,115

2011: $30,261

This is small potatoes in a $10-million budget, but it usually suggests borrowed money. Did borrowings double in the three years? We should be able to see those details in the assets and liabilities, later.

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this seems extremely high... what does DCI pay the average high school to host a show?

You'll see the trend in show expenses shortly. But DCI doesn't pay a high school to host a show. In fact, they charge the school for the corps based on the corps' past placement and the time of the season that the show is being held. It's not uncommon for a late season, 8-corps show, with 3 prior-year finalists, to reach $25,000 to $30,000. But, again, this amount is paid to DCI from the show host (incidentally, that fee is due before show night, so the host takes the rain and attendance risk, not DCI. i.e. DCI gets paid and takes no risk. Pretty good gig, huh? )

EDIT: Obviously, if the show is a DCI show (regional, finals, etc) DCI takes all the risk and gets the full gate proceeds.

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Depreciation took a jump in 2010 to about $97,000 from about $47,000 in 2009, but then came back down to about $66,000 in 2011.

Insurance expense was flat at about $82,000 over the three years.

Next comes the "Big-5" expenses...

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The biggest five categories of expenses are:

DCI Show Expense

Judges and Program Staff

Donor Expenses

Fan Network Expenses, and

All Other Expenses

All of the "Other Expenses" are things like postage, phone, and miscellaneous stuff that, individually, make up less than about 3% of the budget. I'll pick out the biggest of these when we get there but, first, let's tackle the first four, and biggest, expenses.

First is "DCI Show Expense":

2009: $4,108,635

2010: $4,424,678 (plus $316,043 [7.7%] over 2009)

2011: $4,878,735 (plus $454,057 [10.3%] over 2010, plus $770,100 [18.7%] over 2009)

All of these are listed under "Program service expenses" as opposed to "Management and general expenses".

While there's no accounting of the specific expenses that went into these totals, it seems that the category name can include everything that goes in to producing DCI shows.

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"Drum Corps International is a nonprofit youth organization serving junior drum & bugle corps around the world. DCI provides leadership and guidance to these corps, as well as organizing and unifying this activity."

Hey Stu, you awake?

I thought for sure that you'd jump on that second sentence right away.


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