Looking to purchase used marching drums

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We have 4 14 "DYNASTY Wedge model snare drums 1 24" DYNASTY Bass drum All are BLACK with silver hardware and have carriers and cases.

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Notre Dame College has 3 slightly used white Yamaha MQ-6300 Power-Lite Series tenors. Would include covers, stands, and harnesses for $700 each. Each tenor set includes 6 drums (6",6", 8",10".12",13")

If interested, contact Bill Neater - Director of Bands

(216) 373-6399



MQ-6300 Power-Lite™ Series

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Hi...I've read your post about looking for drums. Have you got what you want/need yet?

The reason I'm asking...the HS where I do the marching percussion will have some drums for sale - really reasonable - soon. We cannot donate them. :(

We have 5 Yamaha 14" snares w/carriers, 3 sets of Yamaha 8/10/12//13 tenors w/carriers and 5 Yamaha bass drums. I believe we have the carriers for them, too. I would need to check as we have had the drums in storage. The drums are a custom - not Yamaha - color....sort of a light blue pearl. Some of the drums probably need new heads.

The drums are older, but may be what you are looking for. And, I think we could make you a pretty good deal.

Please let me know if you already have gotten some drums or if you might be interested in these.

I look forward to hearing from you.

John "Maddog" Maynard


Percussion Instructor

Marysville High School

Marysville, Ohio

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Looking to purchase used marching drums. For a developing high school program. If you have something for sale please let me know!


I have a set of heavy duty Pearl drums. Five snares, two quads, four bass, all with harneses. Black pearl finish on all. Good condition. $2,000.00 complete. Call Fred Ford 607.687.1853, or FREDFORDE@AOL.COM.


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