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The CorwnSTORE now has some wonderful pre-owned instruments available for purchase. These instruments where used during the 2012 DCI season. (90 days of usage) All brass instruments include a hard case for added protection and storage. Pre-Owned DCI instruments will be shipped Mid April or After DCI finals depending on the instrument. Place your orders NOW, do not delay, as supplies are limited.

Brass Instruments:

Yamaha Marching Zeno Trumpet $1600

Yamaha Marching Mellophone $1250

Yamaha Marching Baritone $1625

Yamaha Marching Euphonium $1995

Yamaha Marching Tuba $4150

Percussion Instruments:

Carolina Crown 2012 Marching Battery (Call for special pricing)

Yamaha 4.5 oct Rosewood Marimba $5700

Yamaha 4 oct Gold Vibraphone $4800

Yamaha Intermediate Timpani (23", 26", 29", 32") $8000

Yamaha Concert Bass Drum (36"x18" Black) $1435

Contact The CrownSTORE for pricing and availably on all instruments and visit us at

Rudy Gowern

Sales and Marketing Manager

803-547-227- X107

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Wow, it's up 300 bucks from last year.

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