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Best of the one & dones


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  1. 1. Which World Class corps with only one finals appearance made the most of it's moment of glory?

    • 1972 Des Plaines Vanguard (7th place)
    • 1972 Bleu Raiders (12th place)
    • 1973 Black Knights (10th place)
    • 1973 Commodores (12th place)
    • 1974 DeLaSalle Oaklands (7th place)
    • 1974 Purple Lancers (10th place)
    • 1975 Royal Crusaders (9th place)
    • 1990 Dutch Boy (12th place)
    • 2002 Cascades (12th place)

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You may select more than one in the case of a personal tie!

From a placement standpoint, DeLaSalle and DP Vanguard would seem to be the winners (as the top to bottom order would be DeLaSalle/DPV, Crusaders, Lancers/Knights, Blue/Commodores/Dutch/'Scades)

For me, I can only judge by the 2 shows I've actually seen...Dutch and 'Scades.

Dutch Boy had horn performance issues on Finals night (mostly in the soloists...the CD recording is NOT Finals....different fracks), but there was a "Release the hounds" vibe that happens when it's the last run and you can't go down...nothing to lose. Plus the music was great (The Rat can you go wrong?)

Cascades were a show I knew would make finals when I first saw them in California. It was a show so well done, it made me forget that Cadets had played those charts before. Some drill problems, but a very good program.

I give it a tie.

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