Erie Thunderbirds All Star Event

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DCA Fan Network?,.................COOL!!!

There is still time to join us for the Perry 200 Grand Patriotic Parade and concert scheduled for May 25th in Erie. The deadline is fast approaching however. Payment for your uniform ($35 for shirt an

I doubt it. Many are participating BECAUSE it's a one shot deal. However, the corps has been inactive for a couple of years and this might just jump start it again, at least on a local level. As I hav

Kenny is on that!

That is so Cool. Now...Denny Rozumalski...that'd be great. (2 outta 3 wouldn't be bad though)

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52 brass and 22 percussion at rehearsal yesterday! Next rehearsal is Sunday April 28th, 2-6PM at the American Legion Post 773 in Erie,PA. Check us out on Facebook!

It's only tuesday and my hearing is already returning.

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Denny is planning on coming,....

Scott is coming in from Seoul, South Korea,....

Greg is coming in from Vegas,...........

Kenny is coming in from Denver,............

Carl is coming in from Florida,............

Mike is coming in from DC,........

Everyone remain calm,.......All is well,.....

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Anyone coming to Erie the weekend of May 25th may want to consider booking a room NOW if you're planning on staying. There is a huge soccer tourney the same weekend. Rooms fill up fast. Just sayin.....

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