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Dude...or Miss...whatever. Can't believe I'm the first to comment. GREAT review! Spot on with just about everything I was thinking of after tonight's show here in Sacramento. Vanguard is un-1989-freaking-believable.

" Cry harder, other 49 states." :thumbup: classic!

Excellent stuff.

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Cry harder? In at least 4 years, there were FOUR California finalists (+ Freelancers & VK). Not to mention the 22 Golds from CA (out of 44 winners). Not to mention the first DCI prelim winner (SCV); first Champion (Anaheim). Hell, they won the first 9 out of 10 championships.

But I get your vibe. cool.gif

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Can't really tell if you liked Vanguards' "retro" show or not, but as a former member from 1989, thanks. :-D

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This is the first time I've been back on DCP in years, and my first reply belongs to you. This cracked me up! I also totally agree with everything you said, keep it up. Hope you go to more shows so I can read more reviews!

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