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"A Painter's Canvas"

Through the music of Aaron Copland and Nobuo Uematsu, our show "A Painter's Canvas" tells the story of a painter seeking inspiration. Stirred by the beauty of the sunset, the colors of dusk make their way to and from the canvas. (mvt 1: Sunset)

As night falls, the painter grows weary from the creative mind hard at work. The artist falls fast asleep, leaving the colors to take on a life of their own. As if in a dream, the shades of the palette come alive to create a vision of the night sky. (mvt 2: Night)

Our artist awakes to find the colors of the day and shades of night battling head to head. Just as time must always go on, this battle is a futile one… day will always remain the victor. (mvt 3: Conflict)

Born from this clash, a painter's masterpiece emerges and is finally revealed... (mvt 4: Sunrise)

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The Sunrisers show is a beautiful story line , from begining to end the choice of colours in the flags .the guard unis .the paint dripin flags the pallet and brush used by the guard member ,The unvieling or turning of the finished canvas on the field .A complete show though out all the way through .

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