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hope this helps...

Color Guard:


- Range of form, body, andequipment

- Use within the overall show design

- Use of expressive and technical components

- Enhancement of musical structure

- Simultaneous responsibilities


- Demonstration of training

- Achievement of body and equipment challenges

- Achievement of technical and expressive components

- Precision with respect to the overall challenges

- Success with overall environmental challenges

- Success with the concentration, stamina, and recovery

actually, in fact...

here are the sheets from 2012... as far as I know they aren't changed. I will leave them here at this link for a couple days, and whoever wants the file (pdf) can grab it:

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Does anyone have the Open Class sheets? I am curious as to how they differ.

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Soccerguy - thanks for posting the sheets!!

This really helps explain what the scores mean. I don't ever remember DCI having something like this posted on their scores page. I wish they would. It wouldn't have to be this detailed, but if they did, I think it would help people understand what is being judged and why.

More understanding = more appreciation = more fans = more tickets!

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I do believe the article is still up on the website.. gotta do search for it though.

Note that audience engagement IS on the sheets. In fact the first thing mentioned in the effect captions is about audience engagement. And it does attempt to define it further. Interesting.

It would be nice if ALL the judges actually read over what they are supposed to be judging before they actually judge the show...

That wouldn't solve all the problems though.

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audience engagement is just one of many things listed in the sub box

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If I'm not mistaken, they did have training before the 2012 season? Not sure how effective it was. As you said... "without great training" maybe that is what is missing. Or it is some not willing to be trained...

I'm not saying every judge should be putting down a similar spread and ranking per show... there is performance which varies night to night, different corps at different shows. It's all in comparison to the corps you are competing with that night.. not a comparison to all corps. It's why comparing scores across shows is pointless for the most part. But there are just quite a few times where it seems like corps are not getting clear feedback what their issues are. One night they'll beat a corps by a nice spread in a caption.. then the next night.. same groups will be in a different order with completely different spreads.

I guess it is kind of what some of us have wanted.. unpredictable. It is more entertaining for many of us who follow the competition closely. It creates a buzz. I don't think they are doing this on purpose though.. I just don't think there is a clear understanding of the sheets. Which could go back to many factors.. including judge training. It isn't all performance issues. I think the corps are pretty consistent from night to night, most with steady improvement over the season. The big swings in captions are not really warranted unless major changes were made to a show. It could just be that judges read?

I don't know. I'm kind of thinking out loud here... sorry about that.

It's exciting. But at the same time I would like to see more consistent judging from night to night, judge to judge. I love the tight competition. And I love seeing rankings all over the place on the sheets anymore. That is what is making things so tight. Slotting does not seem to be an issue this season... I believe it has been going away more and more... (some still say it was never an issue... maybe not in the top corps... but back further there were plenty of issues where corps had trouble moving anywhere because their should have been 10th place colorguard got slotted with their 16th place corps... or whatever).

Judging "art" or whatever it is anymore will never be perfect. But I think it could be more consistent? It a tough job. You cannot (and should not) make everyone happy. People will always say "you hate my band because you pt that band above mine!"

Jeff or John.. I'd definitely be interested if you have any comments on my thoughts.. since you both know quite a bit about the whole judging thing. If I'm way off base with thoughts.. all over the place... whatever.

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There's also an article from explaining the cards and giving an example of a scorecard for both World and Open Class, as someone requested earlier.

Thanks! So what is "the paradigm of the Open Class", referred to at the top of those sheets?

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