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At the end of the run, JT asked them about doing another one, and if the lights were causing problems. It was decided that a second one was in order. After a good water break they got a pep talk abo

Since I'm lucky enough to have some time off this summer, I headed out on my second annual pre DCI East tour. The plan is to see nine practices, five shows, and two webcasts over the next 10 days. So

SCV... Uncle comments... As they came down the hill to the stadium: Look how big they are? All those kids are from California? and: What is all that stuff they are wheeling in? I remember when it u

Got in 9 at a decent course 5 min away.


Found BD in a brass and battery visual block...legendary Todd Ryan is running things from the box.

It's hot and sunny, but a nice breeze is making it really comfortable. Nice field!




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Just finished dinner at a local steakhouse. Was good, and priced right! On my way back to the school for tonights block.

Here's one more pic from this afternoon, (for BDAMom), it's the pit working in the lot.


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Evening block could not have more perfect weather. The sun set on the stadium and it was clear and cool. The schools' Marching Bees took up most of the center of the stands. Mr. Meehan and Mr. Ryan in the box.



Something about seeing the Devils, or any corps i suppose, without their uniforms makes you appreciate the difficulty of what they are doing. Im not sure exactly how to describe it, but when you see that it's just kids doin this incredible stuff it provides a different perspective from a show viewing. This drill is really tough folks. A marked difference from SCV yesterday in regard to individual demand. And of course, as has been noted a zillion times, they win consistently because they make the difficult look fairly effortless.


Many times the staff takes 1 section to work something, and the other sections go off and work something of their own while they wait.


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I am pretty jealous of you getting to do this, talk about a dream vacation!

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Just left the final! Tonight I was amazed again. Professionalism at it's best from the staff. The show is really cleaning up and energizing throughout. I really didn't realize how fast they are moving in many parts of the show. The pin wheels at the beginning of the closer are popping to a huge effect level as is the following trumpet move, which they worked on a lot today. It was mentioned several times today that moments like this are designed for maximum audience appeal when performed at the proper level. TR is a master of cleaning such things. Imagine that, design with the intent of audience BD! Impossible you say? Lol

It was cool to see the Brookdale Bee marching band going crazy for them. What a great deal it is for their band to have the Devils here right in the middle of a band camp week.

Time for some "floor time" for me back at my hotel. Leaning toward Crown show day practice tomorrow, because I wanted a next day comparison, but I really find myself wanting more Devils after tonight.

Here's your sign!


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Thanks! A great local place that matched the reviews perfectly. Quiet, comfortable, and most of all, cleaner than BD in August! Ice cold ac, a fridge and mwave, good wifi, a nice continental bfast, and all for under $50. Got a great nights sleep and decided to stick to the original plan and I am heading to Rocky Mount to watch Crown. Already looking forward to tonights show!


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