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At the end of the run, JT asked them about doing another one, and if the lights were causing problems. It was decided that a second one was in order. After a good water break they got a pep talk abo

Since I'm lucky enough to have some time off this summer, I headed out on my second annual pre DCI East tour. The plan is to see nine practices, five shows, and two webcasts over the next 10 days. So

SCV... Uncle comments... As they came down the hill to the stadium: Look how big they are? All those kids are from California? and: What is all that stuff they are wheeling in? I remember when it u

Just finished their run...air, valve, (and voice), only. That created a unique opportunity to focus on the pit and battery. We got to hear plenty of the brass during the block, and on more than one occasion they were challenged to take the sound To an experimental level of loud. Great work by the staff this afternoon. Interesting that the pit plays during all water breaks. A comment was made during a gush and go that the corps has not learned to be the best in the country at getting water quickly, and that if we want to be #1, we have to be number one at everything! While that is a great attitude to have, quick is not a word i would use to describe the BD water breaks I saw last night.



On my way north toward the stadium, can't wait for the show tonight!

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Thanks, with the lack of comments i wasn't sure anybody was even watching it!

It's like reading a great serialized novel. I didn't want to interrupt.

Good work, and thanks. MORE!

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I also concur on the quality of this thread. I'm very envious of your journey! Ever since my first live show in 2009, I've made it a lifelong goal to attend at least one live show every year (that day is pretty much the most important day of the year for me, surpassing all holidays and my own birthday, which I consider to be not worth a celebration at all), and getting the chance to do a 10-day road trip of drum corps would be such an experience!

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Great job truman. You are living my drum corps fantasy vacation.

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This might be one of my favorite threads ever. :thumbup:/>


This is so freakin' cool, isn't it ?

I'm so jealous.

I hate him. ( haha! )

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Tonights' stadium venue is located in a sports complex with an arena, baseball stadium, andmultiple athletic fields and tennis courts. There was a minor league baseball game tonight, (Red Sox), as well as a dog show going on over a couple of days in the arena. There are about a hundred RV's camped in the lot between the stadium and the arena. Most have wire pens outside that are filled with dogs of all shapes and sizes. When the corps finish their performance, they have to walk through the lot back to the equipment trucks to a non stop chorus of yipping. Now I fully understand why alot of the Crown vets were barking and yipping after today's run. It really makes for a unique lot experience!





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