In 1 sentence - what 1 thing would you change about DCI?

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No cry babies about how it used to be. If you don't like it go away.

Stop complaining about how it used to be and enjoy how it is now.

Put an end to talk of returning to G bugles because I have ears and an understanding of intonation. What? You asked!

I would change how judges are recruited. We need to bring in a lot more music professionals, not just music educators. Music educators are important, to be sure, but not when there is an overabundance of them judging. We need folks who have written, produced, and performed in non-drum corps productions. People with Broadway, Las Vegas, and touring shows. Theme park musicians. Military band guys. Rock musicians. Session guys. Professional dancers and choreographers.

If we could reduce the music educators and "drum corps guys" to about 50% of the judging pool, it would go a LONG way towards rebuilding the activity as a whole.

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In other words; Stop insulting the kids who march now and enjoy their show or just shut up and cry in your cheap beer alone.

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Go back to moving the championships around the country.

I am getting tired of Indianapolis. I love being able to drive to Indy but I liked planning mini-vacations around DCI to other parts of the country more: Orlando, LA, DC, etc. ...... but PLEASE NO MORE JACKSON MS's!!!!! That place was REALLY BAD!! If they want to remain indoors, there are plenty of indoor stadiums to choose from.

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Change the DCI board structure to non-corps business professionals to eliminate corps director membership, but provide for one voice on that BOD to represent the corps and limit that voting power to no more than 10% of voting decisions.

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Here we go (one sentence):

I would standardize the size of amps for the pit (smaller amps, less Db), have one mixing board and one mixer per show for which all the corps utilize and hook into when they setup, I would re-instate trooping the stands after a show, allow a corps to play a march or fan favorite while marching off the field, I would ban recorded voice in which singing or dialog is projected, and I would institute a secondary set of medals for corps with the top 3 most entertaining shows at DCI Semin-Finals (as voted on by the fans).

BTW, the Most Entertaining Shows would be held during semi-finals to give the top 17 corps a chance to grab a prize. All fans can vote, even those at home watching live on TV (via FN). There would be a text-message number setup for voting, and the top 3 voted corps receive $10,000 for 1st place, $7500 for 2nd place, and $5000 for 3rd place. Not bad.

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