2013 DCA World Championships Prelims

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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Jack Stephens Field at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland, site of the 2013 Drum Corps Associates World Championships Preliminaries competition! My name is Kevin Gamin, Managing News Editor of Drum Crops Planet, and I will be your host for our LIVE from the Stands coverage of today's event. Joining me today are Todd Tanji, Brent Turner, and Key Poulan, all familiar names and faces to DCA fans. The show starts at 2PM. Here is the schedule:

2:17 Centurions

2:34 Shenandoah Sound

2:51 Excelsior

3:08 Heartliner

3:25 High Country Brass

3:42 Tampa Bay Thunder

3:59 Cincinnati Tradition

4:16 Intermission

4:41 Sun Devils

4:58 Windsor Regiment

5:15 White Saberes

5:32 Govenaires

5:49 Sunrisers

6:06 Kilties

6:23 Connecticut Hurricanes

6:40 Carolina Gold

6:57 Intermission

7:22 Bushwackers

7:39 Empire Statesmen

7:56 Fusion Core

8:13 Atlanta CV

8:30 Cadets 2

8:47 Hawthorne Caballeros

9:04 Minnesota Brass

9:21 Reading Buccaneers

Stay tuned!

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you are so biased. anything you say i take with a grain of salt.

I also believe that all-age should mean just that.. Their age limit isn't much more than DCI....

With all due respect to Reading who I am sure deserves to win, to say I'm tired of watching them win would be a great understatement. Watching them for me is liking watching a Joe Satriani concert.

Scratch that, good to go.

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Have a fantastic weekend Kevin, Todd, Brent, Key, "Moon Pie" .... and ALL of the performers and fans at this year's DCA World Championships. I'll be watching from SoCal this year.

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My view of the field:


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Now entering the field to perform the national anthems are the Saints Brigade drum and bugle corps from Port Chester, New York.

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Hello everyone!

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By the way, the links to the Fan Network broadcast are up on dca.thefannetwork.org.

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Saints Brigade drum line is very strong as they play off the field. Excellent job on the German and US national anthems, as well.

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Saints Brigade:


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