Conquistadors 2014 Preparations Underway

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The Conquistadors Drum & Bugle Corps is preparing for the 2014 drum corps season. The first section to begin will be the color guard. An informational meeting for potential guard members will be held on October 25th at Owego Free Academy in Owego, NY; the corps' hometown.

Beginning November 9th, the corps will host monthly spin camps that are open to all that are interested. In April 2014 the guard will officially begin work for the summer parade season as well as a competitive show to be performed at the Drum Corps Associates Individual and Ensemble competition in Rochester.

In addition, the drum line is scheduled to hold an open house on December 7th. The line will rehearse biweekly throughout the winter also in preparation for summer parades and an ensemble performance at DCA Championships.

The two groups will participate in parades and other promotional events together with the intent to raise funds to purchase a satisfactory set of horns so that the hornline may begin in Autumn 2014 to prepare for full corps performances the following summer.

More information about the Conquistadors can be found on our website at

The Conquistadors Performing Arts Association, Inc. is a registered non-profit corporation in the State of New York.

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We had a great time last night at the marching band competition in Vestal, NY. Lots of interest by band members and volunteers as well as some good conversations with fans. We ran out of flyers and pamphlets!

Really looking forward to the open house dates!

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Good for you!

Meanwhile, I attended at a marching band contest last night here in Ohio, where none of the parents sitting around me seemed to have heard of drum corps. One of the bands had a half-dozen ladders on the field, so I mentioned how the "Buccaneers drum and bugle corps" (my exact words) had used several times as many. "Which high school was that?", I was asked.

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There are still remnants of drum corps around here with all the corps that used to inhabite the area (the two most recognized were the Mello-Dears and the Southern Tier Grenadiers.)

The biggest problem in this area that I have noticed with the failed start ups is that the people running them were not in touch with current drum corps. A lot of discussions I had with people started off with "DCI or DCA?" and from there were a few discussions about the Statesmen (they used to setup at this show) and then the fact that the only corps left in Upstate New York is the White Sabers. It was almost a test of my knowledge before they decided it was worth taking information.

The band kids were a bit easier to attract with the 32" tv and the flamenco hat. :tounge2:

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The color guard meeting has been moved up to 5:00 to accommodate an event at the high school later I'm the evening.

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