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I'm not going to blast you...as in some ways i feel you are right. However, corps at the top of A Class I feel DO do it right, just with fewer bodies. Govies, White Sabers, Sun Devils and Windsor all

This. For instance, if you missed Sun Devils last year because they were 'just a Class A corps', then you missed out on one heck of a good hornline. Not a 'god bless their hearts, look at the Cla

I just want to see finals somewhere other than a soccer stadium or a baseball diamond but it does not look like that is going to happen again anytime soon.

Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis is a football stadium.

So..."anytime soon" occurred in 2012 and 2013. :tongue:

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I predict with confidence that there will be more class A corps than open corps and it will be much more difficult to get into the A finals than the open finals.

I predict with zero confidence that the DCA execs will realize this and let the first 5 open corps go first then the 4 class A then the top 5 open from prelims.

(hey I can dream can't I) :cool:

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Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis is a football stadium.

So..."anytime soon" occurred in 2012 and 2013. :tongue:

That's past tense.

Future Tense!!!!!

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99.0 Buccs

98.3 Cadets 2

98.2 Cabs

98.1 MBI

96.9 Bush

95.2 Alliance

94.9 CV

93.2 Fusion

89.7 Hurcs

88.9 Sun

88.5 Sky

88.0 Kilties

87.9 Gold

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Ill make a full prediction once corps announce class status but...

Its going to be very interesting between the top 3 from last year. Can MBI bounce back? Will Cabs threaten for 1st? Will Bucs hold them both off?

Also... CV and C2 will be a great battle and it wouldnt surprise me to see one of them threaten the top 3.

Class A should be great as well. Id love to see a close battle between Govies and Sabers again!

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As usual, there is just too much up in the air at this point to make even a vague guess.

Sky had a successful first few rehearsals. Will they be Open or A?

Alliance has announced a return to the field. Where will they be?

How about White Sabers? Windsor?

Sunrisers have been making some personnel moves in the off season. How will that work out?

Sadly, no more Statesmen. How will that affect the corps in surrounding areas?

Tampa went junior. Early reports show a lot of interest over at Sun Devils. Should know more about that after this weekend.

Best thing I've seen is a bunch of entertaining show announcements with many more to come. I have a feeling this year may top last year. Drum corps is on a nice upswing right now. I can definitely dig that.

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I've believe this is the best open class group in a number of years. Most competitive.

For the past few years it's been, Reading and "can MBI beat them". Now it's, who will beat Reading next, C2/Cabs/MBI? Reading is still the standard.

I think MBI will come back very motivated.

1. Minnesota

2. Reading

3. C2

4. Cabs

5. Alliance

6-10 the rest still figuring it out

I appreciate the opportunities that A class brings for its members. But in my opinion, it's just bad drum corps. No one will convince me otherwise. Sure, some march well, play well, but overall it's similar to the bottom half of 1985 division 3 DCI. Cute, but not the deal. Before the 4 people on here blast me about me about my comments, if you truly get excited watching these groups, then you are an altruistic personality who is better than I.

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