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Kim, Alice

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Pacific Crest, Front Ensemble (marimba)

I was recently offered an amazing opportunity to be a part of the front ensemble at the Pacific Crest. I've played mallets all four years in high school and it's something I've always enjoyed, so marching drum corps seemed like a great next step to pursue my passions. I went to an audition camp in the middle of December and I received a contract on that first weekend. I am extremely excited to be marching my first season of drum corps this summer.

Unfortunately, the tuition is about $3,200. Due to the financial limitations imposed on my single-parent household, I cannot afford this cost, especially because I do plan to attend a four-year university next year and college tuition has priority over Pacific Crest's. I really do not want to miss out on such an invaluable experience because of financial issues. I would greatly appreciate any donation, regardless of amount, as it would help me immensely!

If you would like to help me with my tuition, the link to pay through Pacific Crest's website is here:

And remember to write my name, Alice Kim!

Also, I have a gofundme account where you can donate as well:

Thank you so much!

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