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Bluecoats 2014

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The members haven't peaked. I'm not going to gripe about the captions or placement- though I sure as heck could if I wanted to. This remains a show without any glarnig holes or weaknesses. Now it's up to the staff to help set the table for the MM to advantage of the opportunity. Don't write them off of a medal just yet. The season is just now getting going.

Importantly, this is a show that the members enjoy performing. Given the choice of who we'd like to see, the Bluecoats will continue to top the list for many of us this year. They're already a winner because of it.

It's all about one word folks....."CLEAN"....They must "CLEAN"...

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If my calculations based on this theory are correct, Crown needs to add a humane story, and quick.

Do you 3 love me John 2 she asked 1 You know I < blastoff >

A show with only a strong theme simply cannot beat a show with all the elements: a strong theme, strong pattern, strong story and humanity.

5th tier - Show with no theme (Madison)

4th tier - Show with a theme (Bluecoats, Blue Knights)

3rd tier - Show with a theme and a pattern (Crown).

2nd tier - Show with a theme, pattern and story (Cavies, SCV, Phantom)

1st tier - Show with a theme, pattern, story and humanity. (Cadets, BD)

The way for Bluecoats to win it this year is to add a simple 10-second story element:

1) One member is afraid to jump off the ramp, but eventually finds the courage, jumps and thrives (this adds pattern, character, story and humanity.)

2) Or two sides of the corps are separated by their ramps, until the ramps come together allowing free flow between sides. (this adds pattern, story and humanity)

3) Or the ramps are facing left and right, blocking a final traditional company front from moving forward. Then they spin the ramps toward the audience, allowing some horns to march up and over the ramps, successfullly allowing the company front to move forward.

The ramps must be used in the final moments in some way to achieve a marching objective, or to complete a pattern, otherwise the ramps appear to be thematic elements with no tie to a dramatic action.

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Good grief, here we go again with "story this, character that." Don't we have enough shows that are telling stories and have characters? The Bluecoats show is unique amongst the rest in that it doesn't tell a story.

Agreed. It's all opinion, of course, but I find that story and character tend to be distracting. A show with great formations and good, recognizable music is inherently entertaining - it doesn't really need all the "extras". If I want a story I'll go to a movie or read a book. If I want a soliloquy, I'll go to a play. Drum corps is trying to be too many things and is losing its uniqueness as an activity.

Agreed on the Bluecoats show also. They were clearly the crowd favorite at DeKalb - the only corps that got a standing O during the show. The ramps are an effective prop given the theme of the show. I could certainly do without them, but they make sense and they don't get in the way of the drill much, unlike all the furniture some of the other corps brought out there. Also, the show builds well musically, which seems to put Bloo in a somewhat uncommon category this year.

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