Recognizing senior citizens who give so much to the activity

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I remember a few years back my wife was chatting with one of the souvie ladies, who if I remember right mentioned she was in her early 80s. I think it is amazing. I can't imagine being 80 and traveling with a corps with the kind of schedule they have to keep. I know looking around during finals week, I still familiar faces of people I worked around back in the late 70s and early 80s, although each year it seems like more people are missing. Or it could be I just don't see them during the week of finals, or during the season.

I know this activity is geared towards youth, but without so many giving seniors over the years, the activity probably wouldn't have been as successful as it is.

Just curious, does anyone know who the oldest staff member is involved with DCI? I know some people are shy about their ages, but these days it seems like most people are proud of their age.

If I am not mistaken, I think someone mentioned a few years ago that Roman was the oldest active corps director at that time, and may be longest active director?

Who are some of the amazing seniors who really should be thanked for their support? I am guessing there are probably a few volunteers that may even be in their late 80s, early 90s. Do you know of any staff members/voluteers that are still active in this age range?

I am hoping when my wife and I are in our 80s we will still be active in DCI. I wish there were corps closer to our area that we could help with during the winter and spring as well. After retiring we may end up moving to Illinois to be closer with family, and that wouldn't be too far from several amazing corps.

I appreciate all the hard work that the members, staff, and volunteers put in every year to put 36 amazing shows on the field in Indy each year. but want to give an extra shout out to all the staff/volunteers over 65 that still work their tails off, a lot of the time for minimal pay or even volunteer. I am not quite to 65 yet, but it is coming around a lot quicker than I had hoped.

I am looking forward to finding out who is the oldest and how old they actually are.

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In 2012, DCI followed the tradition of honoring unsung heroes, and one was a woman associated with Colts who was the corps unofficial grandmother. She was escorted by the drum major of Colts and Colts Cadets. They treated her like royalty, and you could tell she loved every minute of it, but the people from Colts who were in the stands went wild.

It's easy to forget as we evaluate corps, the direction the activity is headed, the merits of one corps over another, just how many volunteers make it happen, and since many travel at their own expense, it's an even greater sacrifice.

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