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We did not pick anyone up from Empire. We are about the same size as we were in 2013, only we will have a fulll corps alot earlier than last. We are about a month ahead of where we were last year at

At the risk of taking this thread further off topic, it seems to me that there is often an underlying tone with some people that the "dominance" of Reading over the last decade was the result of some

whoever scores highest wins

Hey guys, I missed all 4 of you. ;-)

Bucs dominate early as always. Cabs are more modern in design so GE should be fairly competitive, they will be close in the percussion and guard captions. When Cabs horn line march and play as well as the Bucs, then it will be interesting.

C2 will be better as well, not to mention 14 in open class. DCA is actually improving. I'm baffled and excited.

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DCA is actually improving. I'm baffled and excited.

Well... that certainly sounds more than just a tad on the condescending side.

Please tell us you didn't mean to be doing that.

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Good weather (fingers crossed)

Great pizza

Great times with (really) old friends

Oh yeah, and...

Bucs 77 & change

Cabs 76 +

Fusion 71 +

Windsor 64 even

Cant wait!

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I'm predicting that I will have a great time no matter the outcome.

I'm predicting that all 4 competitive corps will come ready to play.

I'm predicting that Hurricane Sandy had NOTHING on the Caballeros Alumni...they are ready and can't wait to blow the stadium away!!

I'm predicting that the people who will win are the fans...after all, they are who we do this for!

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Bucs - 77.15

Cabs - 72.55

Fusion - 70.85

Windsor - 65.60

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Ahhh, yeah.

Who is us?

Uhhh.... all of us DCA-liking folks here.

Don't make us hunt you down. :tongue:

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