Season 22 currently registered corps

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Just over a week to go until the season gets underway! Here's a list of currently registered corps as of this evening. If your corps is listed on the "incomplete" list, you will need to make any updates needed BEFORE the first day of the season or your corps may not be scored at the first event of the year. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis, so be sure to check back regularly if you're unsure of your corps' registration status. If you have questions, please contact me via PM.

Registered corps (79- tour and captions submitted)

World Class (29 registered corps)

#1 Corps


Black Bear Regiment

Buckeye Brass

California Knights

Cedar Cliff Crusaders

Circle City Sound


Euphony Empire


Ivory Brigade

Knights of Power

Midnight Vanguard

Nastalgia Vanguard

Ohio Valley Thunder

Phantom Vanguard

Polaris Regiment

Pride of Salem


Red Coat Regiment

Scarlet Armada

Star of Jupiter

Texas Trailblazers

The Knights

The Patriots

The Stud Bolts

The Sires

Tri-State Troubadors

Violet Knights

Open Class (25 registered corps)

Abracadabra Academy

Blue Coat Brigade

Blue Ridge Brigade

Buckeye Brass B

Dunder Mifflin Paper Cadets

Euphony Vanguard


Knights of Sound

Les Blanc Chevaliers



Phantom Vanguard Cadets

Scarlet Regiment

Spartan Vanguard

Spirit of Indy

Sires II

Star of Hawaii

Storm Troopers

Texas Zephyrs

Tokyo Tornadoes

The Marauders

The Screws

The Thoroughbreds

The Wranglers

Valley Vanguard

Class A (25 registered corps)

Buckeye Brass C

Cape Cod Regiment



Euphony Cadets

Green Devils


Hoosier Regiment

Kaiju Corps

Kentucky Colonels

Knights of Note

Lake Erie Storm

Lowell Lancers

Mountain Beats

Mountain Magic

Nastalgia Percussion Ensemble

Pacific Mountaineers

Red Regiment

River City Express

Scarlet Cadets

Sires Cadets

Swannanoa Silverstars

The Buckaroos

The Bolts


Incomplete Registrations- missing tour or captions (10)

Pegasus Regiment (needs tour schedule)

Pegasus Brigade (needs tour schedule)

Pegasus Cadets (needs tour schedule)

Shenandoah Woodsmen (needs tour schedule)

Lollygaggers (update tour schedule)

Fanny Bandits (update tour schedule)

Skittle Bottoms (update tour schedule)

Corps intending to compete (no tour or captions submitted)

Dunkirk Troopers




Phantom Cavalier Scout Crusader Vanguard Regiment Cadets

Phantom Cavalier Scout Crusader Vanguard Regiment Cadets B

Phantom Cavalier Scout Crusader Vanguard Regiment Cadets

By my count, that's 85 corps, which is certainly a good number of a live season, but I'd really love to see us get up to 100 like we had a couple seasons ago, which was an extremely competitive (and fun!) season. So if you know somebody who's interested, feel free to reach out and invite them to join us for this season.

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You can go ahead and remove Phantom Crusaders and Cadets since they're just the old names of my groups.

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You show Euphony Vanguard and Euphony Cadets as intending to complete pending captions and scheduling but neither of them show up in the dropdown on either page in my control panel, only Euphony Empire does.

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As the director/president/CEO, I am please to annouce that Feenicks, INT, and ERMISSION have all submitted their tour and caption selections.


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